Sunday, June 3, 2012

girl talk

Grab a glass of wine and come sit next to me on the couch. It's time for some girl talk. Let's say we just finished looking through Elle Magazine together and took turns picking out which outfits we liked and why that dress from page 147 sooooooooo did not work. And you said something to me that made me think about email, which is why the topic of our conversation goes here:

So I got an email from J.Crew a.k.a. "the love of my life," And this was the body of it:

Now, let's take a poll- those of you who love the outfit on the left, raise your hand. Now the outfit on the right? I see....So, no hands for either then?? Yeah. Me, too.

Let's deconstruct, shall we?
I really DO love the pants on the left and, in the newest catalog, they paired them with the lighter chambray shirt that I own and it looked much better! The shoes I'm slowly warming up to, as well, after seeing them successfully used in the catalog. Buuuuut the sweater? J.Crew, just because you can doesn't mean you should.

And I want the jeans on the outfit from the right! I think I love the contrast of the distressed denim put against the refined Chanel-tweed-inspired blazer on the top. That makes me happy. The denim vest underneath the blazer? Not so much. And I know many will like the shoes but I just don't...though I will, confusingly even to me, admit that something in me likes the stripes under the tweed? Not quite sure how to explain that one....

One thing is for sure: my Monday morning routine is going to be dedicated to perfecting the art of the messy top bun akin to the fair lass on the right. The fly-aways on the left model may look perfectly imperfect on her, but seeing as how my hair naturally does this as I race a toddler to the nearest tree, I doubt the neighbor would think "My, Lauren's hair looks nice."

And "My, Lauren must have thought breakfast was burning and bailed on THAT make-up routine" isn't quite the look I'm going for....

Hey, hand me that InStyle Magazine, would you. Mmmm. My favorite. :)

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