Friday, June 22, 2012

buying a red sportscar

So, we get to think about purchasing a house in 5 months. [pause for awe-inspiring, celebratory dance involving moon walking, fist pumps, and quite possibly some booty drops!!!!!] I'll give you 3 guesses as to what has been on my mind lately, but the first two don't count. OkayIcan'twaitI'lljusttellyou- DECORATING SAID HOUSE!!! I'm talking, I got it bad and that ain't good kind of thinking about a house of my own. Thank you, creators of Pinterest, for giving me a more tangible way to dream.

And along with Pinteresting during every moment I can afford to spend on future dreams, I have been on an HGTV fix more than usual. There for a while it was Food Network all the way...and I still haven't lost that. Actually, Roman has an infatuation with Paula Deen and he loooooves her. I'm chalking that up to his love for his Mimi, and Paula just happens to be a ridiculously adorable grandmother with a southern accent. Of course every little boy who lives far from his grandmas would think she's awesome! And todaWAIT. Um., how the heck did I switch to Food Network? Geez, Lauren. Aaaaand, getting back on track......

HGTV. Secrets of a Stylist. That's where I thought I was going. I love the show Secrets of a Stylist. And one of her biggest tips is to think of three (at least two) different styles that you are drawn to. She said you can look around your house to find them, or you can think about styles you see in other people's houses if you feel like your house doesn't reflect you and the style you'd like to be. The advice is to pick three different ones, because decorating in only one style can look one-dimensional/magazine-like/generic/impersonal and if you can layer in several different styles they are more personal to you, specifically, as well as being more interesting to look at.

But I'm having an identity crisis of sorts. Not the buy a fancy red sports car and get plastic surgery kind of identity crisis, but the inability to figure out just WHAT styles I am. I know very clearly what I like and don't like, but I've been having big trouble finding names for them. What do you call the person who likes handmade pottery AND clear, plastic, Lucite chairs?? "Weird." Haha, yes. Very funny.

So let me work through it with you and then all you crazy interior-decorators-with-mad-skillz can analyze me and solve all my decorating problems. Lucky you.
  • Lucite (clear plastic from the 50's/60's)
  • handmade pottery
  • fur/sticks/leaves/birds/antlers/ANYTHING nature
  • mismatched anythings
  • distressed furniture in different colors
  • reclaimed lumber
  • glass/stainless steel/concrete finishes
  • mercury glass
  • Chesterfield sofas in white linen (but I compromise and say "in distressed leather" because the reality is that I live with a slobbery American Bulldog and have at least 2 sons...white linen will NEVER be an option for me)
  • bold, graphic wallpapers
  • the super smooth, white, plastic-y, laminate-y finish on really simple furniture...I'm blanking on the name of it?
  • wool/cotten/linen
  • grommets
I think that should cover it. I'm a complex individual, right?? But I've been thinking: What about cottage+mid-century modern+industrial? The cottage would take care of the love I have for all things nature (ie. sticks, birds, fur, antlers, etc), white cabinets, hardwood floors, handmade pottery and distressed furniture. The mid-century modern would explain my love for Lucite and the white, shiny plastic in really simple, understated lines [I call this my "Ikea" look], and also the graphic wallpaper. And what I used to think was a rustic style I now think is industrial. The concrete/stainless steel/glass/reclaimed lumber love I have IS kind of rustic, which is what I called it for a while, but to fully commit to rustic is a little more dirty and undone than I prefer.

So I think that might explain it. Would you agree?...all but the Chesterfield. That guy throws me! He's just classic. Uber traditional. A no-style style. Here is the gentleman that I am currently daydreaming of for my future living room:

Isn't he dreamy?? Mmmm.....I think we could have a very wonderful relationship. He wouldn't even have to give me a ring. But I'm wondering if the fact that he's in distressed leather harkens to my cottage [or even maybe industrial??] side? Except his lines are more mid-century than traditional Chesterfields. Bleepity bleep!

Anyway, that's me. Now, who the heck am I?!?!


  1. your identity crisis is my identity crisis... but i think the word you're looking for in your bullet points is: lacquer.

  2. LACQUER!!!!!!!! That's it!! All I could think of was laminate but I knew that wasn't right!!!! But it IS an "L" word. Thanks :)