Monday, June 18, 2012

the beach is that way

I have never really had muscles in my life. Okay, I did during marching band season but that's only because I carried a snare drum...and really, that was more a rehearsal for being pregnant than an example of being physically fit.

And I'm not a Kelly Ripa- her arms are RI-DIC-U-LOUS. However, while my jealousy drool collects in a corner of my mouth and rolls down my chin, I can't help but be a little frightened at the same time. Her guns are major.

But I'm proud.
(it's hard to get the right angle to see my baby bicep bulge, but it's there)
Note to self: next time, show picture of your muscles BEFORE Kelly Ripa's, or yours will appear less spectacular.

Why helloooo, flexing shoulder muscles. So nice to see you actually exist.

Blame it on Jillian- hollaaaaaaa! I haven't been working out every day of this second 30-day commitment the way I initially planned, because life has been super busy lately and I reeeeeeally hate working out at 2:30pm "just to get a workout in"....but I have been exercising this bod several times a week and I'm actually enjoying it. And the point of me starting this whole exercise journey was to make it a lifestyle change. So if a few times a week is more of a possibility to continue for the rest of my days, than that's what I shall do. Because a few is more than nothing, so baby, we're doing just fine. ;)

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