Wednesday, May 16, 2012

spring/summer top 5

I was asked a question yesterday that made the booming blog voice inside my head shout an echoe-y "THIS IS A BLOG TOPIC, LAUREN!" And so, with her permission, I will share our conversation:

Let's say a mother of three active girls wants to go shopping and update her summer wardrobe because she hasn't been shopping for new clothes since before her 2 nd was born ( and now she is 5 1/2) so.... What would you consider the 5 must haves in any wardrobe? You thoughts are appreciated oh wise fashion diva... Lol but seriously ... I walked into the store the other day feeling completely overwhelm... And old because I didn't know what to pick out :( lol Help!!! 

1)colored chinos (GAP, Old Navy, J. Crew)
2)maxi skirt (black OR color)
3)a LARGE, statement necklace in a bold color
4) for you, skinny jeans in a dark blue (if you want several pairs, they can be colored. If only one, dark blue is a work horse.)
5) loose deep-v-neck tees in bright colors (j.crew, forever21, GAP, old navy, ANYWHERE)

And for extra credit because I've become an over-achiever in my old age:
6)sandals in a metallic color. NOT FLIP FLOPS. Sandals. Wear everywhere with everything.


  1. I love this post for several reasons.
    1. I'm shrinking sizes and don't want to buy a bunch of new clothes (especially as a teacher in the summer when I don't dress up a lot) but do need some essentials.

    2. I unknowingly already purchased several of these basics (black maxi, big necklace, dark blue skinnies, and tons of v-necks in every color) so that makes me feel like I do have some fashion sense.

    3. I have been eyeing these metallic tan Greek sandals at Target for awhile now and I clearly I must go purchase them.


    1. Jess,
      1)you look awesome, I've been cheering you on via your blog!
      2)VERY NICE! Of course you have fashion sense! Did you SEE yourself in the picture you sent me with the maxi and belt?? It was great!
      3)CLEARLY. As in, right now. ;)

  2. cute blog! love it :)


    1. Thanks Natalie!! :) glad you stopped by!