Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a proposition for you

Sandals if you're being generic. Flip flops if your name is Lauren Becker. Slippers if you live in Hawaii. Havaianas if you're in Brazil. Thongs if you are a 70-year old man in a Speedo.  They're all names for this fabulous little gal who adorns the feet of millions each day:

Now, I'm not saying these aren't grand. They certainly have their place amongst the college dorm showers, beaches, and taking the dog out for their nightly constitutional. And I definitely wouldn't give mine up when I need to make a quick run to the trash bin. But what if, when we went out- and I'm just throwing this out there- we wore real sandals?

And no, the rubber flip flop with a platform-wedge-heel thing doesn't count, either.

Nothing kills me more than a girl wearing a really nice outfit to church or out on the town with $2.50 Old Navy flip flops on her manicured toes. Confession: I am absolutely positive my dislike for flip flops worn with clothing comes from flipping through pictures of MYSELF in days past. So many pictures show me in jeans, a cute shirt, and FLIP FLOPS. Or for my sister's high school graduation: hair looked great, beautiful skirt, nice shirt, cute scarf.....FLIP FLOPS. It's like wearing a prom dress with barn boots on your feet, Lauren. They are just two different levels of dressed-up-edness that don't go.  And I just want to ask my past self why I bothered to get dressed above the knee and then gave up for the lower half. Never again.

Yes, cute metallic sandals are going to run you, typically, at least $20 a pair. I have a few that were $40 each. And as with anything, you can certainly go much, much higher. But here's the thing- those sandals have already lasted me 4 years Not summers. YEARS. I live in the land of the eternal summer, which means I wear sandals every. single. day. In fact, I think I am making myself honorary professor in summer foot apparel for these next four minutes. ;) Next up: giving myself an honorary doctorate from a prestigious institution. Maybe Yale? Followed by Knighting. Move over, Eton John....

Anyway. My sandals have lasted me through four YEARS of constant wearing, still look great, and show no signs of giving up on me any time soon. How is $40 a bad price for that? Yet when I get dressed, I am dressed HEAD TO TOE. And remember, there is no reason you can't do it for $16.

So if you are planning to add some new sandals to your wardrobe this summer, consider starting with metallic- silver, gold, or bronze. I have a pair of silver strappy sandals and gold strappy sandals, and also a pair of black gladiator sandals. In those three pairs of shoes, I feel like I have something appropriate for every outfit I put on. If you like playing with colors, though, go for a bold color on the foot. It doesn't even have to match!

It just looks so much nicer when you get dressed. I mean really dressed. Even if that's just to get groceries. You look more put together. Rubber slippers have their place, certainly. I own them in both black and brown. I just want to encourage you to step outside your "usual" if your usual isn't letting you look as good as you could.

Here are some sandals that I currently love, in case you're inspired and need some recommendations: (And click on the links listed below them to purchase!)

Happy Shopping!!! Let me know what you decide! :)

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