Monday, May 21, 2012

ode to roman

I thought I'd share some of my favorite Roman stories from the past few weeks. They aren't earth shattering or world rocking but they sure make me glad he's mine.

1) I spilled lemon juice on the floor the other night and he immediately went and grabbed the dishtowel and cleaned it up for me. He has done this for a few other things but at the risk of becoming redundant I'll let them go. (Redundant. That's right, Ms. Upper-Level Vocab. You know what, don't worry about going to English class. Just have students read the ole blog. That will be a vocab lesson right there. Want another one? Modicum. There. I said it. You're welcome.)

2) A few weeks ago we were playing at the playground with Ro's friend, and she got hurt. He went running over and pointed to his head where she was hurt. Then, when we explained what happened, he ran to get her thermos, opened it, and handed it to her. *Moment for mommy pride*

3) You know the scene in Toy Story 1 where Buzz is trying to prove to himself that he's a real guy and not a toy, so he jumps off the 2nd floor rail at the scary kid's house to fly out the open window...but he he doesn't make it and falls to the ground and his arm breaks off? Roman will say "no, no, no" before it happens. The kicker: when Buzz falls and his arm breaks Roman cries and climbs into my lap. He cries. Real crocodile tears. Oh, the mommy snuggles that follow- they are a'grand.

4) When Liam starts fussing, Roman is the first one to go to him. And he will snuggle right in beside him, making funny noises and talking to Liam while he shows him whatever Roman can find within reach to play with. And the kicker? Liam stops! Ah, brotherly love. There's nothing like it.

I could go on and on, but I'll leave you with those. There's a heart of gold behind those big brown eyes, and he's all mine. xoxo

Allow me to clarify: This post about Roman does NOT mean I love Liam less than his big brother, it just means he's a little less mobile and not as talkative yet. He's still a beloved member around these parts.  ;)

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