Thursday, May 31, 2012

just call me adele

....because that seems as good a hippie name as any. 

I have decided ignorance is bliss.

Why, you ask? Because when you know something, you become obligated to do something about that knowledge. For example, most cereals contain carcinogens and genetically modified corn, which contains pesticides and is horrible for you. I used to think cereal was a great snack to give Roman but now I feel like I might as well hand him poison. To make matters worse, the more I investigate and talk to girlfriends who are getting into this too, the more I learn that most corn is genetically modified- unless it's organic. And that's not a big deal until you realize even the canola oil for cooking is made with genetically modified corn. Yes, I can drive to Whole Foods and get organic cereal, corn, etc., but we don't have the budget for that to be a regular occurrence.UGH. Guys, this is rocking my world.

Then I discover that flour/rice/beans should be soaked overnight for the starches to break down so your body can better digest them. 

I've periodically been considering making all of my own cleaners around here so I know they're safe for tiny people and mammals.

Heck, I've already replaced all my face cleansers/lotions/toners with all-natural, Lemongrass Spa products, because I discovered the stuff I was using before was the cause for rashes on my face. Now I want to go crazy and replace the boys' bath soap and lotion. But if I do that, why stop there? Shouldn't I be buying the chemical-free/paraben-free make-up too!? WHERE DOES IT STOP!?!?

I feel like I'm about to lose my grip on reality and become the toe-shoe-wearing, gray haired, makeup-free, garden-growing, goat-milking, certified hippie where I will buy a few acres and settle down in Colorado. I mean, really...I already have the flowy skirt. I believe you remember Maxine? Actually, if I added a big floppy hat with a brim, a fitted tank, and a large necklace made from reclaimed somethings it could get reeeeal glamorous up in here.

You need more proof, check out the picture below (which, I might add, was never supposed to be seen by anyone aside from a close friend who wouldn't judge me). Whatever. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and points need to be proven. This was me two weeks ago. See, bandana even!!! If we're going to put all joking aside, we can admit that Adele (the name I gave that sexy hippie- oxymoron?- at the top of the page) and I are practically twins. I know, our sultry look is identical. I really try to lesson the sexual attraction that others have to battle when they look at me with these smackers, but its impossible. You are what you are.

Intervention needed..... it's serious, folks.


  1. I think it's a good thing about you know my position on it ;)

    It does get pricey. I just pick my battles. I definitely do organic cereals now. Im more concerned with what goes in as opposed to what goes on top of (soap,lotion whatever- mainly because mine are working fine for me)

    The things I buy organically now are the things that I think would be the most questionable otherwise. Its definitely a battle.

    1. "I definitely do organic cereals now. Im more concerned with what goes in as opposed to what goes on top of (soap,lotion whatever- mainly because mine are working fine for me)" except your skin is your body's largest organ!!! So isn't that the MOST important one!??! Hence my dilemma!

      Oh, friend....

    2. It's definitely true... and I get that perspective... but right now I'm more concerned with put good in, get good out. one day ill upgrade to all natural stuff, but i don't use much skin care stuff anyways. I definitely don have an arsenal of products like some people do. I'm a minimalist haha

  2. I think this is a good point, but you can not get too stressed about it. There has to be a balance. It is not worth financially and emotionally stressing out. It takes it toll on both you and your family. I think it is great to be informed, but my theory is that the more you investigate, the more you will realize most of what we use and eat are not what they claim to be (even "organic" foods). Make things when you can, from scratch. I cloth diaper, make my own laundry detergent and house cleaners, and make most of our food from scratch. You can even make your own yogurt, who knew? However, I have three loaves of bread in my freezer for when I do not want to make my own, and we ate a Stouffer's lasagna last night for dinner. I want what is best for my family, but I also do not want it to become an idol. We pray and bless our food, try to make good decisions with what we put in our bodies, and honor the Lord with our finances. I am overly informed about what I am eating. Sometimes I feel bad for giving my kids non-organic cereal, fruits, vegetables, etc. But, they are growing well, being trained to love Jesus, and watching us try to honor God well. I pray that we run the race well, and honor God with our choices. Good luck momma.

    1. Ashley, I love every. single. word. you just wrote. Great perspective. Thanks for sharing :)