Tuesday, May 15, 2012

i married a man who- may2012 edition

I married a man who....

-came home for his daily lunch break and, seeing that the boys and I had left this morning in a hurry which left a whirlwind of misplaced items behind us, picked them all up. He even made the bed. Oh, and left a note that said he missed me on the television so I would see it during nap time.

-if I haven't gotten to the week's laundry yet and he needs more work shirts, will sort the laundry and start a load instead of just asking me to do it for him.

-leaves a heart-shaped collage of sticky notes (also in the shape of hearts!) that have the words "I love you more and more each day."- one word per heart- on the bathroom mirror for me to wake up to.

-never complains about his job, long work days, pulling a full load of classes, or any other thing! He just does them because he wants to honor God with his attitude.

-takes the boys on a Saturday morning so that I can go style photo shoots. Instead of saying, "It's one of my few days off," he says "Go do what you love- I'll take care of things around here."

-spends his whole monthly spending money to take us on an non-budgeted third monthly date, paying for a babysitter and two movie tickets- even though I spent mine on cool necklaces and tees.

-shares my love of clothes and thinks an evening walking around the mall is relaxing and a fun time to connect.

-cheers me on as I work out, always making sure I know he loves me as I am but will always support me wanting to better myself.

-tells me repeatedly that he doesn't care if the house doesn't get clean or laundry doesn't get done because he says taking care of two boys is hard- harder, he insists, than the hardest work day at the office- and I will always be a super hero in his eyes. Coming from a man who I know to work hard, this always touches my heart and encourages me.

I don't know how I got him, but I know I'm never letting him go.

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  1. It sounds like you were lucky enough to get one of the great ones and he was lucky enough to get a woman who truly appreciates him (and vice versa). The world needs more couples like you two.