Wednesday, May 2, 2012

for groceries we shall go

I told Roman on Monday morning that we were going to get groceries and he replies "tie?" I said, "You want to wear your tie??" "Yes." he replied. And so I said okay! What else are you going to do? Crush a kid's hopes and dreams? Nope. Not me. I'm a mother who embraces life goals. You want to wear a tie? Go for it. You want to help sweep the floor, you got it. You want to drive? We'll talk...give it a year. A snake. HECK no! You've really got to put your foot down somewhere.

Apparently getting dressed to go grocery shopping is serious business. How about a smile, toots?


 You just read "toots" like tooooooots, didn't you? As in, the thing engines do. Try it again, but this time think of tootsie pops. Yep. There ya go. Moving on.

You better believe Roman garnered copious amounts of attention from every mom and grandmother that we passed. (ps- garnered?? copious?? Dang. Alright, vocabulary prodigy. I think I just got five points for those words. Dear English teachers, think I can add that to my past report cards? And yes, yes I can use the word prodigy to describe myself at age almost-29. Because I am youthful and bouncy and fabulously age defying. What now.) In fact, I even caught a blonde haired, blue eyed toddler starring back at him. "Hands off, lady." I shrieked. "He's still MY man for at least another fifteen years!"....give or take eighty.

THIS is how one grocery shops in style.

And because NOTHING is cuter than a baby in tiny baby shoes......

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