Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Sometimes days don't go the way you plan them.

Sometimes the cable guy comes a day later than he was supposed to and stays for your entire morning workout block. Sometimes babies wake up early from their nap, thus prohibiting you from working out during nap time. Sometimes the cable guy has to come back to do what you asked him to do the first time and you have to pause your workout three minutes in, nullifying the cardio you just got into. Sometimes your toddler wakes up literally the moment you pushed "play" again on your workout. Sometimes you give him a snack and lull the babe to sleep in his swing in the living room to finally do the workout. And sometimes the workout that you usually have done by 9am is done when the clock reads 2:40pm.

But the moral of the story is that you did it. 

And I haven't missed a day of my 30 day Shred workout with Jillian. I'm stronger and more in shape and my clothes fit me differently. I haven't lost weight (but I didn't want to) but I haven't gained it, which means my muscle is replacing the fat it's burning; hence the changing fit of my clothes. Especially in the waist. My flabby skin from carrying a baby around only 4 months ago is tightening and my stomach muscles are no longer separated. Beyond that- even BETTER than that- I am happier, less stressed, and more patient. It's day 17/30 and baby, I'm feeling gooooooood.  ;)

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