Tuesday, May 29, 2012

30 day wrap-up

So. I completed my 30 days of shredding every muscle in my body- thank you, Jillian Michaels. As I reflect on my 30 days, I realize I learned some things about myself in the process. For example, it turns out that I DESPISE working out. It is not fun. And I deeeefinitely don't understand the "pain feels good" mentality. But whoa, mama, does it feel good once it's over. Good enough to cause me to do it the next day. But I so dislike working out that I have to do it first thing in the morning because, if I wait to do it during naps, I dread it all morning. And then I develop a negative view of doing it and I find it much more difficult to do it the next day, since it created so many negative feelings the day before. Morning workouts, they must be.

I'd also say accountability helped big time. It made a huge difference knowing that I publicly committed to 30 days of exercise because after the first five days it lost it's fun newness and I didn't want to start on day 6. But on we went and 6 weeks later, I checked off day 30. Because I couldn't be known as a quitter! Thank YOU, blog world, for having my back. Plus, there were 12-15 of you who joined me in the "Jillian challenge" - that was stinking cool! Camaraderie makes everything more enjoyable. And on top of that, many of you shot me messages of encouragement or asked about it when you saw me, and I thought that was just swell of you.

And yep, I definitely saw results. I have muscles along my sides, I can stare at my bulging biceps as they flex when I brush my teeth, I am starting to see definition in my top abdominal muscles, and my stomach is tighter than it has been since having kids- maybe than it's ever been. But that's not saying much! Ha! I think the sweetest part of it all is the toning in my arms and shoulders, and the pair of jeans I can now wear from the back of my closet.I have been able to fit into every pair of pre-pregnancy jeans I had except one pair. I could close them but the muffin-top they created would make bakers jealous. My friends, that's not a good thing. LOL

This is me doing my victory celebration while wearing said "skinny day jeans" in the parking lot at the grocery store. No one in the audience parking lot thought it was strange at all. Now, it's a two-step dance so just imagine a lower "ooh" followed by a higher "ooh" and you're right there with me.

So now what? Well, as per a great idea from a friend, I think I will continue with the exercise but I'm going to mix it up. From my understanding, it's better for your muscles not to know what comes next and get in a rut. So I'm making another 30 day commitment. Get ready.

Day 1: level one, 30 Day Shred
Day 2: yoga
Day 3: level two, 30 Day Shred
Day 4: yoga
Day 5: level three, 30 Day Shred

If anyone wants to join me for a second term but doesn't enjoy yoga, you could switch it out for Pilates or any other workout. It's just meant to mix it up. I chose yoga because it's the only enjoyable form of exercise that I have found I genuinely enjoy, and I have many dvds in my collection already. So I don't have to go buy anything to do it. I'm starting the count on Monday but plan on working out this week as well. Or what's left of her.

Monday through Friday mornings. 30 more days. Let's do this.

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