Monday, May 21, 2012

21 and 4

I thought I'd do a quick "Mommy catch up" for the friends and family who want to know the skinny on the boys these days. There is a 21-month toddler and a 4-month old baby under my roof at present, and they are pretty stinking fun.

So I think we've gotten past the worst of the picky eating. He has some pretty strange taste buds for a little tyke, but since they match Becker cuisine you won't hear me complain.

 We are fully potty trained. That's right- 21 months old and no diapers. No Pull-Ups, even! And that includes naps/nighttime. Woot, woot! We go places with a potty seat and m&ms in a bag but we're doing it. :) I'm proud of him.

Monsters Inc. and Toy Story 1, 2, and 3 are the bees-neez around here. I much prefer them to Elmo and I'm grateful for the break away from Baby Signing Time, so carry on, Ro!

Talking. He talks constantly and every day it seems that there is a new word that makes an appearance. He's great company and I genuinely enjoy doing things with him, whether that's playing in his room, putting together puzzles, or grocery shopping and putting away the clean dishes from the dishwasher. Man, I love that kid.

I cannot get enough of this guy. I have decided that this age is my favorite out of all the ages I have experienced thus far, 0-21 months. I love it when babies can smile and giggle and "talk" to their mobile friends but can't go anywhere and still have to accept all the snuggles I want to smother them with. *insert sinister laugh here*

We're experiencing baby rice and sweet potatoes these days, and he's not wild about rice but boy, sweet potatoes sure do make for good eats. And when you mix the two? Oh, why that's just heaven.

So far he has rolled over, found his thumb, discovered that he has feet and they they are, in fact, the coolest toy a brotha can find. Especially when covered with socks.

You know, I didn't used to be a baby person. Truly- they never held that magnetic attraction to my heart strings. But these two boys have changed me, and I'm pretty sure that after my baby-having days are over, I will be running after stranger in the grocery store shouting, "I swear, lady, you don't know me but I'm not a psychopath- I just reeeeally need to hold your baby. Please?? Wait, no! Come back!!!!"

Poor broad never saw it coming.

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