Monday, April 9, 2012

the night i could have lost my eye

Wednesday nights are my favorite night of the week. It's a simple formula, really:
3 men (Jerr, Roman, and Liam) + 2 friends (and sometimes their husbands!) + dinner + Modern Family = one awesome evening. Repeat weekly.

This past week our menu was simple: breaded chicken breasts, a pea and artichoke grain, and peach Bellinis It made these here taste buds dance, people. We're talking a good, sexy rumba. The kind that you're willing to wear a really ridiculous dance costume for.

Mmm. :) Seconds? I think yes.

I know, you want to know where the pictures of me are? And where are the pictures of those lovely peach Bellinis? Well....they include champagne. I was given the task of opening said bottle of champagne. Disclaimer: I have NEVER opened a bubbly bottle of goodness but I have seen many movies where the cork flies out and breaks windows or removes eyeballs. Just keep that in mind, ok? Here's the story....

But boy, were they good. ;)


  1. ok so that picture of me sticking my tongue out is horrendous but I still love you. Definitely a fun night and ANOTHER epic dinner. Can't wait for this week!

    1. Haha sorry dude, I LOVE that picture!! :) it just sums up you and meg! I can't wait for this week!!