Saturday, April 28, 2012

still shredding

Yep, I'm still shredding every muscle in my body. Thanks Jillian.

I'm going to be honest, the only reason I'm 10/30 of the way through this (aka 1/3) is because of the accountability you guys are giving me via blog and because of those of you who are doing it with me. Otherwise I'd be a big, fat quitter.

I'm still doing it and am to the point where I no longer find myself sore after workout, the pain is now reserved solely for the workout. So that's good. And I'm able to push through longer than I was at the beginning of last week. No major progress yet but small steps are starting to show and that's encouraging. I'm still on level 1 but I think I'll bump it up to level 2 next week. Though I'm scared to do that! If she's kicking my pants on level 1, I can't imagine the horrors that await me further in.

Let me say this: nothing makes you feel weaker than wanting to die after 30 SECONDS of jumping jacks. Folks, I put on a poor showing in my living room every morning. Good thing Roman and Liam are the only ones who can see me. And yesterday, as I'm cringing and grunting and squeaking out "ithurtsithurtsithurts" during the jump rope segment in the cardio section, my oldest son took pity on his mother. And he started clapping and cheering me on. You better believe I kicked butt and took names after that. There is no greater motivation than a toddler who believes his mommy can do it. Turns out: she can.

Here's my workout buddy in action:

Sweet, right?

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