Friday, April 13, 2012

oh, to be a kid!

Happy Friday!!!

I thought I'd show you a little bit of a certain little someone's irresistible pout. I cannot keep from staring at him. And cuddling with him. And cooing at him. And he cannot stop rewarding me with cheesy grins and "surprise eyes." Ah, to be 3 months old.

Oh another note, remember when you were little and bath time was the best part of the day? I remember playing with colored foam and bath crayons. Well, turns out they are just as fun to play with when big! Jerr and I put bath crayons in Roman's Easter basket, and my parents included some bath finger paint soap in the basket they sent to him. Add to that some colored fizzing tablets that change the water different colors and this kid is never coming out. At least not as the Caucasian version of himself that he was when he went in!

**if you have ever wondered why the bath crayon package said ages 3+ and you thought to yourself, "That's dumb. My toddler loves to color. This is a great gift!" you should know that there is a reason for suggesting that humans should be around 72 months of age when using these colored soap sticks of happiness. A 20-month old can't be expected to realize that crayons on the tub= perfectly acceptable, whereas crayons on the glass patio door= not as perfectly acceptable.



  1. They make crayons for the patio door now, problem solved ;) I am still trying to get our windows to the point that when the sun shines through I do not see any crayon residue.

  2. How did you get it off the glass door?? My toddlers used crayon on our wardrobe mirror over a year ago and i cant get it off!

    1. Deniz- hi! Toothpaste, if you can believe it!!! LOL