Monday, April 9, 2012

ode to the maxi skirt

I figure since I now have five folders sitting on my desktop with pictures dedicated to blog entries, I had better get a move on.

I added a new workhorse to my closet- her name is Maxine the Maxi skirt and she is a bright royal blue. She is wonderful and treats me right. And I see a devoted, loving relationship ahead of us. There are about a million activities we can share in together, and she will become anything I need her to be.

Like a husband pleaser.

Thursday last week was the annual Open House at Jerry's work. He works in a top-secret building with no windows and the only questions about his job that I can ask is whether he had a good day or bad- a busy day or a slow day. So getting to take the boys and go into his world is fun. I see his desk, covered with pictures of his family and his coffee mug with a baby Roman hand print on the side being used and I smile. I shake hands with all of his co-workers and thank his boss for the countless times he has let Jerr out of work early to be an active father, attending OBGYN appoints and doctor visits where little ones get shots. And then we take him home early to start the Easter weekend together as a family.

Outfit composition: blue maxi skirt, Express; blue chambray shirt, J.Crew; snakeskin belt, H&M; bracelet, ancient.