Monday, April 2, 2012

life lately

It's been a while since I've done a "life these days" blog entry. So come in for a hot cup of coffee and I'll catch you up...

We've been taking turns passing congestion around. It seems that whenever my parents fly out to visit, we end up getting sick! I blame either the airports and planes where germs run rampant, or the fact that the mainland has different bugs than we have here on the island. So Roman had it first, then it was quiet for a day or two, and now it seems Liam and I are taking a turn. Nothing major. Just sinus and chest congestion.

This past week, Jerry came home from work with a bouquet of calla lilies- my favorite. "Just because." I love him. He's so good at making me feel loved.

There continue to be special "brother bonding" moments between Roman and Liam that make me smile. Saturday Liam was irritable and just couldn't find a position he liked so we finally laid him on a blanket on the living room floor- Roman ran over to sit beside him and the two happily stayed there for an hour. Roman would pull the pacifier out of Liam's mouth, Liam wouldn't care but would happily kick and stare at his older brother, and the Roman would put it back in. He would pretend to burp Liam by patting his stomach. And he would lay his head down beside Liam, sideways on the floor, and just stare at the baby eyes peering back at him. I am so excited to watch them grow up and continue appreciating each other. I feel like the best thing we've ever done for Roman is give him Liam, and the same for Liam. Precious.

I am excited to send Roman on his first Easter egg hunt this Sunday. I'm putting a single M&M, his favorite candy, into each egg and spreading them around our front yard.

On a related note, I cannot stop calling Good Friday "BLACK Friday." It seems to me "black" Friday is more appropriate to the day Jesus died than "good" Friday but Jerry argues that good CAME from Jesus dying, therefore the name makes sense. As long as I don't go out in town expecting to find great sales, I think we're okay...

So many girlfriends right now are 1)trying to have babies 2)pregnant with babies- several on their second or third...or fifth! 3)having babies. Like this morning when I woke to a text that my neighbor had her baby boy! And I think I'm living vicariously through each of them! Truly, the more babies I have, the more excited I become when others have them. I think I just become more aware of what a precious time it is, how quickly it passes, what a big impact a new member is on a family, and everything else connected to a baby. I have to go get about four "congratulations on your pregnancy" or "congratulations on baby" gifts today at Target and I couldn't be more excited!

I have a three month old and a 20-month old. When and how did that happen!??! Okay, I know HOW, but how??

I had a Tupperware party on Saturday night and that excited me more than it probably should have! Thankfully, I have girlfriends who were just as excited to come out and spend some time with other girls while shopping for plastic food storage containers. Today, I have to shop for over $300 worth of FREE Tupperware. Isn't that tragic?? ;) Tragic?....or AMAZING!!!! My pantry and cupboards are going to be glorious. Thanks, girls.

I feel like I'm finally in the groove as a mother of two. Not that it's taken me this long to figure out HOW, but it's taken me this long to feel like it's normal and not be easily overwhelmed. Friends ask if I find it hard having two close in age.... More work, YES. Absolutely. And everything takes a few seconds longer. But it's no harder, necessarily. (Now, there are hard DAYS, for sure. It's rough if one of the boys has a rough night which means I didn't really sleep and I still have to have patience and grace. And days when I'm sick reeeeeeeeeeeeally suck. But those days aren't the norm by any means.) Just busier. And the older each of the boys get, the easier it becomes. I feel like I function better with more on my plate, so I would actually much rather have two than one. And I still feel like they each get plenty of one-on-one time with both Jerry and I. Which is one thing that I was concerned about.

I feel like this last year in Hawaii is passing so quickly. A quarter of it is already over and in 4 weeks, a third of it will have passed. How is that possible?? Goodness. I feel like I'm in the episode of "The Office" where Pam and Jim are getting married and they keep saying "click" to mentally capture certain moments that they find special so that they can somehow be ingrained in their memories for all time. Several times a day I think to myself, "click."

If you were to ask me how I'm doing, I'd tell you I'm doing well. And it would be the truth. God is good to us. :)

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