Tuesday, April 17, 2012

its been nice knowing you

 I feel like a Malibu Barbie doll. Not so much the golden, wavy hair or the perfectly-formed calves but in the legs that have no joints where you have to hold her legs apart and stagger her steps right leg-left leg-right leg-left leg-right leg-left leg. Only, I'm about ten times less graceful than she at the moment. It's that awesome.

I'm pretty sure my legs hate me.

And they are getting me back for every workout move I have made them do the past two days. In fact, I wouldn't call my acrobatic move from standing to resting on furniture "sitting" but more "collapsing." I don't stand up anymore, I groan and cry and laugh out of pity and pull myself up by the arms. Once I sat down in the middle of the living room today....I think I'm still sitting there, wondering who will come save me.

I'm pretty sure day three of my workout will look like a kid trying to bite their ear with their teeth. Nom nom.


In other news, I finished Hunger Games today. I started last night while Jerry did homework for a few hours and during nap time today I finished it. I can't say I liked it because I found the story to be dark and to weigh heavily on my heart...it's teenagers pitted against each other, forced to kill others to survive. Absolutely NO part of that is good! It is, however, entertaining in the same tragic way Saving Private Ryan or 300 is...only without the good guy/bad guy dynamic. I felt like, in the story, everyone was the good guy and I wanted a safe way out for them. Yeah, some of them were less likeable but I don't think I'd be Miss Congeniality if I were forced to fight for my life, either. The jury is still out as to whether I'm going to read the second book...I think I'll read the synopsis and if it's not too depressing I'll venture in. It did have some pretty sweet action sections, I found the strategy interesting, and of course- a decent love story. Buuuuuut it's definitely no Twilight in the "impossible to put down- don't talk to me right now-eating and breathing are optional until I know whether Edward comes back" category. Don't look at me like that. You know exactly what I mean.


  1. "it's definitely no Twilight in the "impossible to put down- don't talk to me right now-eating and breathing are optional until I know whether Edward comes back" category. Don't look at me like that. You know exactly what I mean"

    I couldnt agree more. you are not alone. lol

  2. Lauren, I was a bit put off to continue reading the series as well. I thought the book was an interesting read on society, but it was a bit gross. One of my friends told me I have to keep reading; they get better. The library is very slow getting me the book (I think when I asked for the second book I was #92 in queue and now I am about #40). I loved reading the Twilight series, but I won't let my daughter read them until she is an adult because I don't want her thinking that those relationships are anything but dysfunctional. The Hunger Games I would let her read a little earlier, but only if she could handle it. My pastor actually spoke highly of having the whole family read the Hunger Games together and having conversations about it. Ok, sorry this comment is becoming a novella. In conclusion, I agree with you but I think we should both try out the second book, based on opinions of other who have read them. The end.

    1. Elyse, I'm totally doing it! Just bought it for my ereader for $7!

  3. I've never read the books or seen the movie, but Jarred and I were given a gift certificate to the movie theater so I read the synopsis. I had the same thought....how gruesome and heavy! I appreciated hearing from someone else who had the same opinion. I think we'll save our date for a more inspiring movie....I'd love to see October Baby, have you seen advertisements for that?

  4. I felt the same way after I read the first one...I was mildly attached to the characters (although I sometimes feel like I can relate to Katniss). I didn't understand the point behind reading about kids killing each other.. But then I read the second and third one and found they are MUCH better than the first! I think the books have a definite message behind it, and it sparked a lot of convo between Tyler and I.