Monday, April 23, 2012

and that's monday

I could call today "Channel Your Inner Art Teacher Day" because that's what my outfit reminds me of. Come on, didn't your art teacher wear her button-up shirts open, too??

But it was a cloudy, rainy morning and this is exactly what I was feeling. So there. :)

And yes, as you can see, I do entertain my child with a cup and a sink of water. It occasionally results in wet clothes or a soaked vanity, but it means I have a way to get dressed without every pair of shoes Jerr and I own decorating the bathroom floor. You notice his hair is wet... I don't really think that needs an explanation.

Oh. Btw- a nice, friendly warning for you. Guard your grocery lists, folks. I left this morning to go get groceries and quickly scanned down my list. I had written the first two items but noticed that the third was scrawled in another person's handwriting:
1- carnation instant breakfast mix
2- latte mix
3- Sir Mix...a Lot.

Thanks, Jerry, I'll work on that. I'm thinking I'll find him among the Pop-Tarts???

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