Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter. Becker Style.

These are the studs that I get to spend my days with. Aren't I a lucky gal? I know, Liam isn't very dressed up. It's because I didn't take pictures until after church and outfits don't last very long on babies who make full diapers. He was dapper, though. As dapper as a teen in a newsie cap during the 1920's. And you know that's no joke... on the dapper- measuring scale.

Our Easter involved much laughter as we watched Roman hunt for his first Easter Eggs (holidays really are more fun as parents!), and celebrating Jesus' resurrection with the rest of our church family, followed by an afternoon/evening of friends and food. One thing I've learned from the traveling military life is this: family is only as far away as your closest friend. In a life so well-acquainted with being absent from family for the holidays, I have learned that friends make a pretty darn good family, too. <3


 dress: vintage, wedges: Bakers, ring: H&M, watch: Wal-Mart, bracelet: H&M, cuff: ancient, necklace: airport shop somewhere in the USA.


  1. I love that dress you look pretty! We've done holidays with friends too! Thank the Lord for beautiful friends!

    1. Thanks, Elise! I checked out your blog too- you've got killer style :)