Wednesday, April 18, 2012

day 3 and book 2

Okay, I did it- per your advice! I have purchased the second and third book of the Hunger Games trilogy and they're sitting on my Kobo waiting for naptime. (best thing ever, btw. i would chose a real book over an ebook any day, but seeing as how I just paid $7/book, I'm not going to object!)

So thanks for the encouragement. I'm excited to see how the story continues! It was fun for me to receive so many comments via facebook and in the comments section of my blog. I'm glad you weighed in- you guys are why I bought them. All I have to say is this: If Katniss doesn't end up with Peeta, I'm going to be mad!! ;)

And how is Day 3 of merciless torture working out? Well, I had to skip the leg portion of the workout because my quads are so sore I literally cannot stand up and I smell like an old woman with the IcyHot smeared all over! But I did the rest and even increased my arm weights. Going strong...for a whopping 72 hours! Impressive, no? lol

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  1. Definitely impressive! I did 30 Day Shred the summer before last and went for size 8 to size 4 that summer--just doing the workout and not changing anything else! You've inspired me to start again and lose these last 5 pounds of baby weight! :) You will love how strong you feel when you're doing level 3 and thinking, hmm, what will I do after this? :)