Monday, April 16, 2012

aka "day of death"

 Day 1 of my 30 Day Shred....a day I like to call "the day of death."

Holy moley.

Jillian isn't messing around.

How did it go? Well, Roman was mad that he didn't get his normal cuddle time when he first woke up, so to make up for it he threw a fit. For the entire 20 minutes of the video. Did I mention that his finest moment was when he dumped his juice cup upside down and started shaking it onto my carpet? Fun, right? Yeah... BUT. I'm thinking that 1)he'll get used to it as it becomes our new routine 2)While I really do think he'd get over it in a few days, I like that he cuddles for a few minutes first thing. He's only little so long. So I am going to try waiting 15 minutes after waking up so that we can cuddle. Then I'm hoping that he'll want to join me in my workout (let's be honest, he'll probably be able to do the moves better than I did today!) and it can be something that Liam watches with amusement and Roman enjoys with me.

But toddler attention-wanting tantrums aside, the workout killed. Throughout the exercise I wondered how I was ever able to do jumping jacks or jump rope when I was a kid. Those things just about did me in. I will be increasing the arm weights tomorrow (I used two 2.5lb weights today) because it didn't really seem like I was maxing out and my abs were surprisingly stronger than I thought they were going to be. They're still not completely connected again from stretching apart to allow for a babe in utero. And my legs hate me. They are a weak, weak foundation upon which my body is built and it was a pathetic showing. We will be fixing this. Seriously, two minutes into the video my legs were screaming and we still had 18 minutes to go. Fortunately it's broken down into short sections:
2 minute warm up
6 minute cycle [3 min cardio, 2 min strength, and 1 min abs]
-do 6 minute cycle three times-
2 minute cool down
In other words my pain, though intense, only lasted for minutes at a time before switching to crucify another muscle group.

Jerry consoled my "I'm ready for a nap- I thought exercise was supposed to GIVE you energy" cry by promising that the extra juice would kick in around week 3 or 4. My body *cough* LEGS *cough* may collapse at any moment and for the first half hour immediately following the workout I was afraid to pick up a boy, lest they fall to the ground in an unsuspecting heap as my muscles refused to work. Best reward for my effort: the endorphins. I may be tired, my muscles are definitely hurting, but I am happy and had more patience today. That alone is worth it's weight in gold.

I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow morning. Day 2, bring it on...legs, don't fail me now!

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