Sunday, April 15, 2012

30 days, baby

So. Moment to brag: my biceps are smokin! They're toned and strong, baby. (Regularly carrying around a 20-something pound toddler and a 14lb baby in a carrier will do that.) Confession: my abs and legs are NOT.

I have been excited to work out again after having Liam but I have kids during the day and don't have the energy in the evenings after they have gone to bed. Excuses, excuses, blah, blah, blah. But here ye, here ye: I have summoned my self-discipline and silenced all excuses after talking to my girlfriend, Daniella, over coffee on Friday. If my girlfriend, a mother of 3 (ages 4?, 2, and 3 months) can make time, so can I.

I am going to commit to do Jillian Michaels' "30 Day Shred" Monday through Friday for 20 minutes first thing in the morning. To make sure this happens...I am vowing to abstain from coffee until the workout is finished. Second part of the vow- that I must drink my morning cup of survival juice while doing my devos. I want to work muscles, both spiritual and physical. And while Jerr and I do devotions and pray together every night before bed, I want to spend some alone time with just God and I. It's going to hurt....I am not expecting this to be an easy feat. But I need the extra peace, energy, and release of stress that BOTH of those workouts will provide. And I can sacrifice the first 30 minutes of my day to do it because it's not like I was relaxing anyway- Roman wakes up ready to run. So he can just do the workouts with me. I actually think he would love it and IN THEORY it will be a way for me to have my space in the morning to wake up without talking because he'll be having fun, too. And this is going to work out perfectly, as planned, because my days never, ever blow up in my face. HA!

I really want to live a healthy lifestyle so that my kids think it's normal to eat healthy food and take care of their physical bodies. They will live better, longer lives because of it, and it's all part of taking care of their temple that God has entrusted to them. We already eat healthy meals but it's time Mama does more than take the babes and canine on a several-mile walk a few times a week.

But a healthy body isn't enough- I also want to live out a relationship with God in front of them. I don't think it's enough to pray with them at bedtime and think that they will automatically understand what a relationship with God looks like. I want to live it out. To show them and not just tell them.

So...I'll let you know how it goes. I can commit to it for 30 days. Beyond that, we'll have to evaluate and see how it's fitting in life and how I'm feeling. I would looooooove for it to continue.

Side note: I totally completed my February goal of loving on Jerr in an extra way every. single. day of the month instead of just on Valentine's Day. And I started by blogging about each day and how I did it. But then I realized that there were ...things... I did to love on my man that I was NOT going to post for the world to see. And if I posted everything I did that was okay for public knowledge, it would be obvious when I did things that weren't. LOL So I just stopped posting about it because some things are between a man and a woman!

Now that we're all blushing, we'll move on and agree never to speak of such things again.

To summarize: the video is $10 or less, I already have a yoga matt, weights, and a let the workout begin. Bright and *cringe* early tomorrow morning.


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