Wednesday, March 7, 2012

when rainy days happen twice...

....wear black skinny jeans instead of gray, a button-up shirt to mix up the flava, add the same nerd-a-licious glasses, and the Hunter green rain boots once more! (ps- if you live on the East Coast and don't know about Hunter Wellingtons, look them up. Here's the link to Nordestrom. They have fleece inserts to use them as snow boots and you remove the insert to use them as rain boots in warm weather. And wear them any time you want, just because they're cute. (When talking cost per wear, these knock it out of the park.)

Aaaaaand some red lipstick. Because that's what we do. Holla!

Throw in some snuggles....

And a cheese or two for good measure.

And when the hubby brings home a dozen roses "just because you've had a rough past few" you call it a day. I love him. xoxo


  1. Sorry you've had a rough couple days. Hope things settle for you a bit. I love the Hunter boots. I almost bought a pair but chickened (cheaped) out on my way to the register. Maybe next year.

    1. Thanks Jamie :) I'm taking the boys out today so that should set the reset button for all three of us. We all get crabby when we stay inside too long.

      I don't blame you for chickening out on the way to the register- they aren't cheap. Which is why I have wanted them for a long time and haven't gotten them. But I told Jerr that I wanted them for my birthday so I'd have them this winter when we move back to colder/rainier weather. He had gotten them a few months early and hid them but when we got all this rain, he pulled them out. He said I'd wear them more now than I would in June when it's my birthday- which is true- plus I'm sure that you've figured out by now we aren't good at waiting for the actual day to give gifts! lol So that's how I ended up with my boots now. I'm not complaining!

      What color did you want?

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