Friday, March 2, 2012

a toddler's paradise

So we transformed our lanai (the Hawaiian term for a patio) into a play area for Roman. He loves to be outside. And I've noticed that there aren't many things that he can do around the house to play by himself. I'm not looking for a way to "keep him busy" (though let's be honest, this WILL give me a chance to make another phone call or two during the week), I'm looking for a way to make sure he gets alone play time every day. It's important to me that he knows how to do that as well as playing with me. So we got a sand box- did you know they still make the turtle sandbox?!?! I grew up with those!! And we got a water play area, which is genius, because Roman would play in and with water all day, every day. Winters on the East Coast are going to be a hard pill for him to swallow, I think.

The result?


I didn't get one of the sand but he's loving it!

And the question of all questions- when you get kids nice toys, why do they always play MORE with the box than the new toy!??! Or in this case, the broom?

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