Thursday, March 15, 2012

to Uncle Bo's we goes...

Dad is in visiting for the week and we are so excited! We already conquered Buffalo Wild Wings. Dad had never had wings before (nor had I until I moved here and discovered BWW) so we picked him up from the airport and went straight there. Nothing like a little Hawaiian "Aloha" in the form of chicken wings...which have absolutely nothing to do with Hawaiian culture! We greeted him with a lei, though. So that counts, right?

Turns out Roman was just as big a fan as Pappa. (BTW, I think we have turned the corner on the whole "picky eater" thing- he has eaten chicken wings, spicy shrimp, salmon, several new veggies, and more lately without batting an eye. HALLELUJAH.)

Anyway, to Uncle Bo's:

I know, ghetto pics continue. But I have no grandiose plans of producing a legit style blog because I don't have anyone to take pictures, nor do I make a very good model- hello AWKWARD poses. So I'll continue to do this for fun and realize that accepting these professional-quality photos mean explaining that my jeans are actually gray, not green the way they appear to be in the horrible lighting; and whether you can see it or not, my shirt has pale horizontal yellow and white stripes. At least there is no question what color my shoes are! ;)

I've decided that one of the best things about family coming for a visit is going out to eat- and bringing friends along! Then you bring the whole party back to the house for the weekly Modern Family episode and the previous night's episode of New Girl. Wash and repeat.

Wednesdays are awesome. <3


  1. You're so cute :) AND I love your blog!!!!

  2. i love that the picture has all of our personalities captured perfectly lol!