Thursday, March 1, 2012

playing with color

Today Roman, Liam, and I went shopping with my girlfriend and her babe to the outlets. Yahoo! An outing! Of course, you MUST meet at Starbucks first, thus acquiring the necessary strength for the journey ahead. It's mandatory. So, caramel macchiato in hand, off I went.

And because getting out of the house meant I could have a little more fun with my outfit, this is what I wore:
Horrible picture quality. I think I should re-name this blog to "Style with the Most Ghetto Pictures Possible." I'm wearing light blue chinos from GAP with a button-down shirt from Target that I've had for a few years with a massive chunk of gold loveliness at the top...popping the collar, of course, to set off the necklace and give it a throne. (I mean, how corny can I possibly be?! haha)

Now to add the shoes:
I know, they aren't the quietest shoes I could have chosen but they're fun ;) And they were outside the box. It actually isn't that far of a stretch in color because when you look at the nest picture you'll see that the flowers in my shirt are light blue, orange, and lavender on a maroon background. So see- I'm just drawing from what I've got and bringing out colors. You may tell me I don't match but I say I do!

Now all that's missing is- you guessed it- the lipstick. I don't go anywhere these days without it. For some reason I can't get enough.

And because you'd be blind trying to go anywhere without them, the glasses.

Not quite sure why it looks like my lipstick is on crooked. I PROMISE YOU it was on perfectly...with a color this bright 1)it's hard to miss an application mistake and 2)it's just hard to miss, period. Just the way I like it ;)

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  1. Oh, I like this outfit! Although, I have trouble wearing a necklace with a collar like that. Too much neck clutter - I like the look of it, but hate the feeling!

    Keep 'em coming!