Monday, March 26, 2012

overalls: to wear or not to wear....

...that is the BIG question.

I've mentioned in previous posts about a pact that my friend Michelle and I made years ago. This was a list of things never to do, and the purpose was to hold each other accountable so that we didn't commit heinous crimes. We're talking serious crimes against humanity, people...things like not wearing crocs over the age of 5, no Noah's Ark nursery themes in pastel colors, AND NO OVERALLS.

Except there is a problem. I am considering an act that would be a violation of the very laws I helped to create.

What if....

...I'm starting to love


But we're not talking overalls the way we did in middle school. These are styled with new life, and some, like this one from Elizabeth and James, resemble jumpsuits instead of farmer's clothing:

Or like these, that resemble dressy trousers more than attire to harvest potatoes in:

Or what if you took an almost-but-not-completely-early-90's version of overalls, like these, but styled them with current choices like gladiator heels and a timeless button-down shirt?
Come on, know those red lips had you at "hello."

Alright, alright, maybe the gladiator boots weren't as magical to you as they were to me. Maybe you weren't even a fan of the overalls that were styled with a nod to the 70's. But surely these will tempt you to stretch out your hand for a "nice to meet you" handshake:


Wait! I think I hear it!

If you listen veeeery closely, you'll hear the ice around your own heart breaking as you begin to warm up to the idea of sporting overalls again.....

No? Must have been the very last shred of my dignity falling to pieces as I prepare to jump even further into the "I'm going to hate this outfit when I see it in pictures in 20 years but it will be worth it" hole.

Geronimoooooooooooo, baby!!!

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