Monday, March 26, 2012

a new partnership for ITS BECKER STYLE

Soooooooo. Exciting things continue to happen for Its Becker Style. Today that means a union of talent. I will be the stylist and personal shopper for Alyssa Pix Photography's engagement photo shoots! Click here to check out The It Couple package.

(If you don't need engagement photos done but you're still in the market for a photographer, you can click here to go straight to her website.)

So. Excited. :) Get ready, Alyssa, because fun times are ahead.

Just call us Batman and Robin.

No, don't. Those are men. I mean, as "men"ly as they can be while wearing tights...

Lavern and Shirley?


Alyssa Pix and Its Becker Style?

Sounds perfect.



  1. This is SO NEAT girly!!!!! :) Very excited for you!

  2. I am so excited and cannot wait to work with you!