Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the Beckers go...

...to church!

I snapped some pictures of the Becker crew headed to church this past Sunday as we were walking through the parking lot. If only the weather would stay as cool- we're talking low 70's!!- as it was this past week. We wore sweaters, cardigans, blazers, and rain boots (you'd think we miss cold weather or something) while most people still came in sun dresses and shorts. But hey, that's why we call it "Becker Style." ;)

Jerr and Roman, looking dapper:
(Jerr is responsible for both of their outfits. He's good, right?! Extra points for the rolled pant legs on both of them. <3)

Mr. Liam, too cool to be awake for the paparazzi:

Mama Becker pushing the babe:
(My bad hair day is excusable because I was scheduled for a haircut that afternoon. It is a known fact that one should not go to the effort of styling their hair on the day that someone else will wash and style it for you.)

There are many reasons why Sunday is my favorite day of the week- our church family (and I do mean family) is incredible. We Beckers also love any chance to get dolled up. And don't even get me started on how great family time is when we're all together.

If only every day could be Sunday....


  1. Your little men are adorable.. and you're beautiful!! :)
    I think when I FINALLY reach my goal weight.. I might need your services to help me with my "NEW ME" make-over ;)

    have you ever thought about having your own logo/brand thing??

  2. I love church pictures and an excuse to get dolled up too!!

  3. I mean, I love that you took pictures while you were walking in to church. ;)