Monday, March 26, 2012

overalls: to wear or not to wear....

...that is the BIG question.

I've mentioned in previous posts about a pact that my friend Michelle and I made years ago. This was a list of things never to do, and the purpose was to hold each other accountable so that we didn't commit heinous crimes. We're talking serious crimes against humanity, people...things like not wearing crocs over the age of 5, no Noah's Ark nursery themes in pastel colors, AND NO OVERALLS.

Except there is a problem. I am considering an act that would be a violation of the very laws I helped to create.

What if....

...I'm starting to love


But we're not talking overalls the way we did in middle school. These are styled with new life, and some, like this one from Elizabeth and James, resemble jumpsuits instead of farmer's clothing:

Or like these, that resemble dressy trousers more than attire to harvest potatoes in:

Or what if you took an almost-but-not-completely-early-90's version of overalls, like these, but styled them with current choices like gladiator heels and a timeless button-down shirt?
Come on, know those red lips had you at "hello."

Alright, alright, maybe the gladiator boots weren't as magical to you as they were to me. Maybe you weren't even a fan of the overalls that were styled with a nod to the 70's. But surely these will tempt you to stretch out your hand for a "nice to meet you" handshake:


Wait! I think I hear it!

If you listen veeeery closely, you'll hear the ice around your own heart breaking as you begin to warm up to the idea of sporting overalls again.....

No? Must have been the very last shred of my dignity falling to pieces as I prepare to jump even further into the "I'm going to hate this outfit when I see it in pictures in 20 years but it will be worth it" hole.

Geronimoooooooooooo, baby!!!

a new partnership for ITS BECKER STYLE

Soooooooo. Exciting things continue to happen for Its Becker Style. Today that means a union of talent. I will be the stylist and personal shopper for Alyssa Pix Photography's engagement photo shoots! Click here to check out The It Couple package.

(If you don't need engagement photos done but you're still in the market for a photographer, you can click here to go straight to her website.)

So. Excited. :) Get ready, Alyssa, because fun times are ahead.

Just call us Batman and Robin.

No, don't. Those are men. I mean, as "men"ly as they can be while wearing tights...

Lavern and Shirley?


Alyssa Pix and Its Becker Style?

Sounds perfect.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

family time is the best time

For the past week and a half my Dad- and then my Mom, who couldn't stand to be missing out- came to visit us. They timed it perfectly with a business trip Jerry had to take, so I had extra hands on deck around here instead of less. Have I mentioned that my parents are amazing?

Before Mom came and after Jerry left for Colorado, Dad, Meg, the boys, and I made Monster Cookies. (Yeah... did you understand that?) I should explain that Monster Cookies are a Crider family tradition. Every Christmas since before I was old enough to remember my parents, sister, and I have made them. We missed out this year when we weren't able to go home for Christmas, so Dad brought the recipe with him and we made up for lost time. Better March than never, right? Or so says the 9 dozen cookies in my freezer....

We (Meg, Dad, the boys, and I) also all trekked to the beach.

Then Mom came and Roman rejoiced to have his Mimi back.

And when Jerry joined us, the men went skydiving.

Please note: This is how my son dressed himself for the day. Yes, even the hat. I love him.

Roman and Aunt Meg are inseparable.

Pappa and Liam spent some good quality time.

On their last night here we went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. A certain toddler has obvious love for his Mimi and Pappa.

Like mother, like son.

There is nothing like family.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

to Uncle Bo's we goes...

Dad is in visiting for the week and we are so excited! We already conquered Buffalo Wild Wings. Dad had never had wings before (nor had I until I moved here and discovered BWW) so we picked him up from the airport and went straight there. Nothing like a little Hawaiian "Aloha" in the form of chicken wings...which have absolutely nothing to do with Hawaiian culture! We greeted him with a lei, though. So that counts, right?

Turns out Roman was just as big a fan as Pappa. (BTW, I think we have turned the corner on the whole "picky eater" thing- he has eaten chicken wings, spicy shrimp, salmon, several new veggies, and more lately without batting an eye. HALLELUJAH.)

Anyway, to Uncle Bo's:

I know, ghetto pics continue. But I have no grandiose plans of producing a legit style blog because I don't have anyone to take pictures, nor do I make a very good model- hello AWKWARD poses. So I'll continue to do this for fun and realize that accepting these professional-quality photos mean explaining that my jeans are actually gray, not green the way they appear to be in the horrible lighting; and whether you can see it or not, my shirt has pale horizontal yellow and white stripes. At least there is no question what color my shoes are! ;)

I've decided that one of the best things about family coming for a visit is going out to eat- and bringing friends along! Then you bring the whole party back to the house for the weekly Modern Family episode and the previous night's episode of New Girl. Wash and repeat.

Wednesdays are awesome. <3

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the Beckers go... church!

I snapped some pictures of the Becker crew headed to church this past Sunday as we were walking through the parking lot. If only the weather would stay as cool- we're talking low 70's!!- as it was this past week. We wore sweaters, cardigans, blazers, and rain boots (you'd think we miss cold weather or something) while most people still came in sun dresses and shorts. But hey, that's why we call it "Becker Style." ;)

Jerr and Roman, looking dapper:
(Jerr is responsible for both of their outfits. He's good, right?! Extra points for the rolled pant legs on both of them. <3)

Mr. Liam, too cool to be awake for the paparazzi:

Mama Becker pushing the babe:
(My bad hair day is excusable because I was scheduled for a haircut that afternoon. It is a known fact that one should not go to the effort of styling their hair on the day that someone else will wash and style it for you.)

There are many reasons why Sunday is my favorite day of the week- our church family (and I do mean family) is incredible. We Beckers also love any chance to get dolled up. And don't even get me started on how great family time is when we're all together.

If only every day could be Sunday....

Saturday, March 10, 2012

date night

Thursday night we celebrated my friend Rachel's birthday at our favorite restaurant on the island: Uncle Bo's. So Jerr and I got dressed up and my dear friend, Christi, came over with her family to hang with the boys at our house while we went out for an adult evening. HALLELUJAH.

Because a corny pose makes any day better.

(Thank you for our rainy week, Hawaii. It was good for my heart. <3 )

Happy birthday, my precious friend. xoxo

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

when rainy days happen twice...

....wear black skinny jeans instead of gray, a button-up shirt to mix up the flava, add the same nerd-a-licious glasses, and the Hunter green rain boots once more! (ps- if you live on the East Coast and don't know about Hunter Wellingtons, look them up. Here's the link to Nordestrom. They have fleece inserts to use them as snow boots and you remove the insert to use them as rain boots in warm weather. And wear them any time you want, just because they're cute. (When talking cost per wear, these knock it out of the park.)

Aaaaaand some red lipstick. Because that's what we do. Holla!

Throw in some snuggles....

And a cheese or two for good measure.

And when the hubby brings home a dozen roses "just because you've had a rough past few" you call it a day. I love him. xoxo

rainy day

What does one wear on a rainy, Hawaiian day?

Why a tee, gray skinny jeans, a scarf, glasses, and rain boots of course!!

And a stunning pose to break up the monotony of poorly lit bathroom shots... I sent this picture to Jerr at work to make him laugh. He liked it as much as you just did. You're welcome ;)

Friday, March 2, 2012

a toddler's paradise

So we transformed our lanai (the Hawaiian term for a patio) into a play area for Roman. He loves to be outside. And I've noticed that there aren't many things that he can do around the house to play by himself. I'm not looking for a way to "keep him busy" (though let's be honest, this WILL give me a chance to make another phone call or two during the week), I'm looking for a way to make sure he gets alone play time every day. It's important to me that he knows how to do that as well as playing with me. So we got a sand box- did you know they still make the turtle sandbox?!?! I grew up with those!! And we got a water play area, which is genius, because Roman would play in and with water all day, every day. Winters on the East Coast are going to be a hard pill for him to swallow, I think.

The result?


I didn't get one of the sand but he's loving it!

And the question of all questions- when you get kids nice toys, why do they always play MORE with the box than the new toy!??! Or in this case, the broom?

cost per wear

It's me again, with another post of "just another day around the house so I feel silly showing you what I'm wearing because it's nothing special but here we go anyway!"

So the outfit consists of yet another pair of colored chinos- I wasn't kidding when I said this was my new uniform of the week. They ROCK. I made a good choice for me and my lifestyle. :) These are from J.Crew Factory and I got them for $35 instead of the usual $69.50. They don't have any more left, but they do carry them in the store and you can check them out here. The Waverly Chinos are my favorite fit of the moment, and I wear them rolled because otherwise they're a little baggier than I'd like. But baggy is accepted in Becker Style when rolled. :)

Now, the shirt. This is where we'll discuss the concept of cost-per-wear. The chambray shirt (yes, you can call it a jean shirt if you really want to) is also J. Crew. You can check it out here. I'm having a major love affair with all things J. Crew at the moment...seriously.

I have a chambray shirt I got from Forever21 a year or so ago and I find I wear it often. Now, if you clicked on the link you'll see that it wasn't cheap. I don't call $78 for one shirt inexpensive. And it's not that my budget it infinite. It's very small, actually. (This shirt took my personal spending money for a whole month.) But for me, the key to a successful wardrobe is knowing where to spend the money and where to save it. This is a shirt that I had previously owned the cheaper version of, and knew from experience that I wear it often. And what I discovered is that you can tell quality and price are closely connected in the land of chambray shirts. I found that the dye is less attractive, the fading is shoddy, the fit is less flattering, and the fabric is poor when compared to the "good" version. But when I got the first one I wasn't sure if I was really going to like it so spending $20 or less was reasonable. Now that I know I'm going to wear this thing to pieces, it was time to invest.

Question: Why is this such an investment piece? In Becker Style it can be worn: 1)with leggings, a tall pair of boots (I'm excited to get my pair of dark green Hunter rain boots for my birthday. They are going to be magical together) and a statement necklace 2)I wear it with a long maxi skirt and feather earrings with gladiator sandals 3)with ANY color chinos around the house or out around town with a pair of boat shoes and a chunky gold watch 4)with a pair of skinny jeans in a darker blue wash and a thin, leather, braided belt tied around my natural waist, right below my ribs 5)as a blazer substitute over a white lace, overly feminine dress...and the list goes on. That's literally just off the top of my head how I've worn it. I look forward to creating new outfits with it, too. And seriously, the fading in this shirt transforms when you put it on. I don't know what spell is on it, but I will be wearing this shirt for the next decade, at least. It was $78 but in terms of cost-per-wear, which is how you're supposed to think when considering the cost of an item to purchase, it's very reasonable.

So here we are- let's talk about the concept of "cost per wear." The name says it all but I'll still explain it. When considering an item to purchase, first look at the cost of the item in question and consider how much you will wear it. Sometimes this makes a $35 item more expensive than a $100 item.

Seriously. I swear.

Example: Say you want to get a cute new date night dress and you go to Forever21 where you buy one for $35. You wear it once, but it's not the kind of piece you're going to wear in your weekly wardrobe. Through the year you might wear it two more times, if we're being generous, making the price $11.67 per wear. Now, you also consider buying a pair of skin-colored ballet flats from Nine West for $100. You can/will wear these shoes with absolutely any outfit you ever want to put on, so we'll say you'll wear them a conservative estimate of twice a week. That's just once on grocery day and once to a friend's house. But you can wear them year round. That's 104 times. Thus making them a total of $.96 per wear.

Now, which was cheaper? Yeah...the $100 shoes. :)

Even if you only wear them ONCE a week, you still only spent $1.92 on the shoes. That is ten times less expensive than the Forever21 dress.

That's the way I look at clothes buying. I have cheap clothes in my closet next to more expensive ones. But the items that are pricey are ALWAYS the classics. I don't have money to spare. So I have to make it count.

What I'm saying is that this $78 shirt is one of the cheapest shirts I own when you consider cost-per-wear. And that's exactly what I'm looking for. :)

**A Tip- if you don't know where to start investing in pieces for your closet, look at the things you currently own and wear out. Is it a pair of shoes that are falling apart? A shirt you've had forever and still wear regularly? THOSE are the things you can consider replacing with a better quality item. You've already shown yourself that you will wear it, so why not have it in a version that will last you forever. Old Navy shoes can only last you so long... ;)Link

Thursday, March 1, 2012

playing with color

Today Roman, Liam, and I went shopping with my girlfriend and her babe to the outlets. Yahoo! An outing! Of course, you MUST meet at Starbucks first, thus acquiring the necessary strength for the journey ahead. It's mandatory. So, caramel macchiato in hand, off I went.

And because getting out of the house meant I could have a little more fun with my outfit, this is what I wore:
Horrible picture quality. I think I should re-name this blog to "Style with the Most Ghetto Pictures Possible." I'm wearing light blue chinos from GAP with a button-down shirt from Target that I've had for a few years with a massive chunk of gold loveliness at the top...popping the collar, of course, to set off the necklace and give it a throne. (I mean, how corny can I possibly be?! haha)

Now to add the shoes:
I know, they aren't the quietest shoes I could have chosen but they're fun ;) And they were outside the box. It actually isn't that far of a stretch in color because when you look at the nest picture you'll see that the flowers in my shirt are light blue, orange, and lavender on a maroon background. So see- I'm just drawing from what I've got and bringing out colors. You may tell me I don't match but I say I do!

Now all that's missing is- you guessed it- the lipstick. I don't go anywhere these days without it. For some reason I can't get enough.

And because you'd be blind trying to go anywhere without them, the glasses.

Not quite sure why it looks like my lipstick is on crooked. I PROMISE YOU it was on perfectly...with a color this bright 1)it's hard to miss an application mistake and 2)it's just hard to miss, period. Just the way I like it ;)