Saturday, February 25, 2012

tangerine tango

Every season my mother and some of my friends ask what the "it" pieces are for their wardrobes. If you were to ask me the same question, part of my answer would be tangerine tango.

The Pantone Color Institute is involved in determining the "it" colors for each season and it affects home design, clothing designers, even paint colors you buy for your walls at the home improvement store near you. Bet you never thought about who determined that, did you? ...Except maybe for that moment in "Devil Wears Prada" when Anne Hathaway's character [I think?] is laying it out there. (It should be known that I have a horrible movie memory, so it could also be her boss. I just remember there was a moment when it was explained just how relevant the current fashion is to the average consumer, even if highly uninterested in current trends.) And this year the color of the moment is tangerine tango. You can read about it here.

So for those of you who like to be fashionably in style, add a pop of tangerine to your closet. The obvious way is to buy a shirt that color, but a tube of lipstick plays nicely with some of the other trends of the Spring/Summer season. However, if those ways are too bold for you or tangerine just doesn't flatter your skin color, it can also show up in nail polish, a purse, a pair of shoes, or a ring. Other noteworthy players for the upcoming season are metallics, menswear prints (think men's suits), and nautical stripes. But seriously- when aren't nautical stripes hot for spring and summer?
(pictured: MAC lipstick in "morange")

I should add, too, that whatever goes for the runway also goes for the home. So you could also grab an accent pillow for your couch to go along with the new bottle of nail polish.


  1. Oooh I LOVE that lipstick on you! So pretty.. I never look good with lipstick on :( I need to find a good color, I think :)

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    1. Lori, I have a feeling you could rock some great lipstick!!! But it used to scare me because of its boldness so I totally understand the feeling. When the stars align and you find that perfect's glorious. Let me know what you find! xoxo