Monday, February 13, 2012

L is for the way you looked at me....

So as a daily "gotta love your man" catch-up:

Friday: I took one of Roman's first finger paintings, cut out a 5x7 rectangle, and put it in a frame. I wrapped it up and gave it to Jerr for on his desk at work. :) Score.

Saturday: We decided to go out to eat and I let him pick anywhere he wanted to go. Buffalo Wild Wings it is! Bonus- we have very similar tastes in music/activities/decorating/eating so I enjoyed myself tremendously, also! If you have never had their Salt & Vinegar dry rub, you are missing out. I inhaled my wings and bought two bottles to take home with me. I have plans for Friday night's dinner. Forget BWW, it's all about LBK: Lauren Becker's Kitchen.

No? Didn't work as well? Darn.

Sunday: I had plans to talk to a girlfriend Sunday afternoon and I had asked Jerr if he'd take the boys so that I could have an uninterrupted, hour-long phone call. But then I realized that Jerr never gets time to himself that doesn't also involve homework or evening tv time with the wifey beside him. So I sacrificed my much-anticipated time alone with a friend, free from interruptions, to give it to him instead. I won't lie and say it felt good doing it because by the time I hung up I was stressed and frustrated and had a pretty solid selfish dialog/argument going on inside my head...but today it feels good to have done it.

This month is good for me- not just [I hope] for Jerry. I find myself in a constant state of "how can I serve him? How can I love him in a special way today?" and that affects my attitude and comfort zone. And challenges my creativity. After the first week I had checked off all my standard "I love you" acts and still had- and have- a lot more to go.

Thanks, God, for a husband worthy of the time/energy/effort to be loved well. I have prayed for my husband ever since I was 16. I made a list of the qualities I wasn't willing to sacrifice in a future spouse. And on our wedding I gave him a shoebox full of notes and prayers I had written to him since I was a teenager. And it cool to be on this side of it, feeling like I got even more than I ever dared to hope for. I have a man who was everything on "the list" and then some. And I'm still in awe of that some days.

Those days are good days... they make sure he survives the other days ;)

Sorry. It was getting too sappy around these here parts.

Happy Monday :)

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