Wednesday, February 29, 2012

boyfriend jeans

It's not an amazing outfit- nothing creative about it!- but it's what I wore around the house today. I posted earlier that I'm trying to find ways to dress for a day around the house without turning to leggings or Victoria's Secret sweats and promised to try to take pictures of it.

The things that are wrong with this picture:You can see my bra straps in the back, which I'd hide if we were going out, the shirt is wrinkled because I've been schlepping around in it all day doing the things that need done, and the picture quality is poor because I'm taking pictures of myself standing in my bathroom YET AGAIN. But here it is, nonetheless. A picture. :)

These are the boyfriend jeans that I purchased for $35 (instead of $98!) from J.Crew last week. Aren't sales great? And yes I did wear the necklace around the house for no reason. Because I'm Lauren Becker. And that's just what I do to make myself happy. I may or may not have also worn red lipstick for part of the day, as well. But you'll never know because I refuse to collect proof of further ridiculousness. It's just for me, anyway. ;)

And can someone please tell Jerr that the term "boyfriend jeans" was assigned long before I came along? I get reprimanded every time I use that term. Someone around here thinks husband jeans is a more appropriate choice of


  1. I LOVE this outfit. You pull it off sooo well!

  2. You crack me up :) I love the outfit! The jeans are adorable!! :)