Friday, February 10, 2012

aaaaaaand game on! ...Again.

So I was successfully loving on that man of mine in a special way every day- until my youngest son, Liam, went into the hospital yet again. (As a side note, I realize I have never posted about the week we spent in the NICU right after Liam was born. I may do that some day, or I may not. I still think about that time often but it would take a lot of time and energy to revisit those days and I don't have either of those things to spare right now. Maybe some day, but then again maybe not.) And because Jerry took care of Roman at home while I took care of Liam at the hospital, it was kind of impossible to leave him notes or give him extra-long back massages.

But we are home now and the loving has continued!

It all settled down Wednesday night so yesterday, Thursday, was the first day back to normal. Last night when Jerry sat down to do his homework, I gave him a beer. Now, that sounds really lame. Let me explain why this was one of the most monumental acts of love yet this month: IT WAS A YUENGLING. We cannot get them in Hawaii and it is Jerry's [second] favorite beer ever- one of the very few beers I enjoy. My friend, Michelle, sent a six-pack to us as a part of an incredibly thoughtful care package to celebrate Liam's birth- along with an Anthropologie coffee mug for me and some awesome clothes for Liam and Roman. Jerr and I decided that the fair thing to do was split the pack down the middle, giving each of us three to savor- and I gave him my third and final one last night as a grand gesture of love.

Because nothing says "I love you, hunny bear" like a glass of alcohol??


  1. Oh yay! Glad they were so treasured!!

    1. Chelle, you have no idea how much. Considering I've had ONE in three years, yeah- it was pretty grand.

  2. Sharing your last Yuengling? That IS love!! :)

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