Monday, January 23, 2012

dear kid pooped

...and other things moms say.

For starters, let's look at my current facebook status:
Funny how two little people sleeping at the same time makes me feel as accomplished as if I had just performed a successful brain surgery.
Yes, I recognize it. There has been an influx of facebook status updates on my page that refer to my kids or to the life of motherhood....naps, snuggles, NICU updates, and of course the pictures to capture the moments that words wouldn't do justice. This change started with Roman's pregnancy, but the "mom Lauren" updates have increased exponentially with the birth of Liam. And lately, I have been asking myself whether those without kids- heck, even those with kids- are rolling their eyes yet. You never know when your statuses are being hidden from news feeds! And after reading a fellow mom's status the other day that celebrated a potty training moment while apologizing for the boring news to those without kids, I smiled. It's not just me who thinks to herself, "This news can only be important to me....but it's a victory that I need to dance about so I'm saying it anyway!"

In fact, I keep trying to defend me to myself by saying, "Yeah, but if they don't have kids, they don't understand. I definitely didn't understand the brilliance of a perfectly synchronized nap until today, when I got my fellas to take their naps at the same time. I mean, come on! You better believe that was a facebook status! I won't tell you about the pilot I hired to paint the news in those white, puffy letters across the sky...but he wasn't cheap.

Still, my former, pre-kid self was taunting me. "When did you become this person?" I am, after all, wearing my fourth shirt of the day. Let's discuss:
Shirt 1- remove because of spit up all over the chest.
Shirt 2- remove because of failure to notice poop leakage when certain toddler "went" while playing in the sprinklers. Did you know a diaper quickly becomes saturated by water and no longer retains necessary fluids/solids? Picking said child up at this point is not advised.
Shirt 3- remove because successful showering occurred (granted, at 2pm, but still!) and a fresh, clean outfit was necessary to be a happy mother.
Shirt 4- so far, so good.....fingers are crossed.

And then. That's when I thought about the things my former, pre-kid posted about on facebook. Things like what my husband and I were doing, who I was hanging out with, what my job was like that day. And before I had a job or was married I wrote about how horrible the homework load was that night or the horribleimeanamazing dining hall food at Gordenier, or how I aced that certain test. (wait, I don't think I ever aced a test?....I take that back for the sake of my reporter's integrity.)

I wrote about the things important to me and the things that made me feel successful about my day.

And, at this stage in life, that means I talk about the dinner I just cooked my family or the personal style I continue to re-define as my life changes its appearance. It means I talk about the riveting "one-on-one basketball game" my husband and oldest son just played or the heart-filling snuggle session I just had with the youngest, or even the poll I took of fellow mom friends about how to get Roman to eat better.

Because those things ARE my life. And they make me feel fulfilled and more successful than anything else I do. Or have ever done.

And for now, they might as well be brain surgery.

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