Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"and that's wednesday"

6:00am- feed Liam and go back to sleep
7:30am- Roman is awake. Snuggle on the couch watching Sesame Street while we both wake up.
7:45am- make us both oatmeal with raisins and sliced bananas, along with french press coffee for the mama.
8:00am- feed Liam again
8:30am- load Liam into the stroller, put the leash on Sophie, and throw sneakers on Roman. All walk to the basketball court for a rousing morning game.
8:40am- tired of basketball already. Move on to the playground.
9:35am- walk back down to the house.
9:45am- give Sophie a bath
10:00am- feed Liam again
10:15am- finger painting outside
10:30am- lunch for Roman
10:45am- Roman's alone play time while I wash dishes from breakfast, make the bed, pick up
11:30am- lunch for me
noon- Liam eats
12:15pm- read together
12:30pm- Roman nap

Let's be clear: it's only 12:30.

Now I know why they say kids add meaning to your life. It has nothing to do with their impact on your life and everything to do with the fact that, if left to my own devices, I would have spend my morning like this:
sleep until 9am
9-10am: drink coffee while watching The View
10-11am: watch Nate Berkus
11-12pm: watch the Food Network
noon: eat lunch

Not much to remember about life there!

Of course I'm just kidding. Kids add meaning to your life because they have a TREMENDOUS impact on our days. I was joking before.

But seriously, maybe 5% of the meaning they add is because you actually DO something with your days??

Just a theory, of course. ;)

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