Friday, November 18, 2011

surprise: i can be crafty??

I do not consider myself a crafty person. My ADD ensures I don't spend hours on something patiently, working slowly and being a perfectionist. It's why my relationship with a sewing machine lasted all of one turns out removing stitches one-by-one when I went off course can break the fantasy bubble rather quickly.

But I have been enjoying the holiday season and found myself needing to stick to my budget while wishing I could expand my decorating arsenal. And I have been reading a few blogs that had great ideas that seemed simple enough I thought maybe I could try. Like the cardigan post I just blogged about.

So here is my first creation that hangs in the hall entryway:

I know we only have a week left before the Christmas decorations go down up on Black Friday but it was cheap enough that I could justify the cost, easy enough that I could justify the time spent, and cute enough that I could justify my desire to have it in my house! It's made of paper doilies, brown coffee filters, and black paint that I used to stencil my letters. I plan on making one for Christmas, too...not sure what it will say yet. Stay tuned.

Here is my second creation:

This actually isn't something I saw someone do. "Necessity is the mother of invention." I thought up in my head because I wanted something substantial in size to hang with my 4 stockings behind the couch- we don't have a mantle. The idea of a wreath was my original thought but I'm not going to be spending $50 on a Target wreath this yuletide season, so a $15 painted canvas it was! I wanted it to look handmade because my stockings are burlap (see previous posts) and I like the rustic look. 10 minutes the first evening to paint two coats of green on the background, and 20 minutes the second night to paint on the letters and add some glitter and it was done.

You know, I'm feeling pretty stinking accomplished. I might go pick up my crocheting needles and try making that washcloth again.


Nope, I couldn't even joke about that one. Let's not pretend I have the focus for that business! ;)


  1. Love it! I saw the give thanks banner earlier today on pinterest (where else?!) and considered making one too! And the canvas! Wahoo!!

    Next step....wreaths!

  2. Michelle!!!! I was so excited to see what you'd say and i didn't have to wait long!! :) wreaths sound like fun to me but I'm VEEEERY picky and am afraid I'd make one that screamed "handmade!!!" and I'd hate it. I just have to find the right inspiration maybe!