Monday, November 14, 2011

a Saturday surprise

Rachel, me, and Megan

Two of my best girlfriends, Megan and Rachel, threw a baby shower to celebrate Liam on Saturday afternoon. They had been planning it for months and two days before the actual shower, I accidentally discovered it. That will teach Jerr to ever let me use his phone to text! How did I find out? It went a little something like this:
*while on our way over to Rachel's to drop off a table we had borrowed**
Jerr: You might want to give Rachel a text to let her know we are on our way (later, I find out it's because he isn't sure if she'll be working on baby shower stuff and didn't want me to walk in and find anything. Ironic that he was trying to keep me from finding out about the shower but it was the very thing that led me to find out about it.)
me: Okay. [searches for phone] Nuts, I left my phone at home babe. Can I use yours?
Jerr: Yeah, sure.
me: Thanks [opens text window, and notices that previous texts between Jerr and Rach discuss my secret baby shower. Looooong pause while I decide whether to fess up to my discovery or play dumb and let him think it's still a surprise.] Umm....babe....did I just see something I wasn't supposed to see?
Jerr: Yep. That sucks.
me: I'M SO SORRY!!!!!!!!
Jerr: It's not your fault!!!! But you're telling the girls.

Darn it!

The silver lining: 1)I could dress for the occasion and 2)I had two days to look forward to it!

The shower was classy, eco-friendly, thoughtful, and had the coolest girlfriends in the world in attendance! I feel so blessed, so loved, and so humbled- I never expected to get one because we just had a shower for Roman a year and a half ago [?] and I didn't think baby showers were thrown for the second child unless the second child was a different gender or spaced several years apart. Turns out baby showers are also thrown for the second child if your friends are out-of-this-world generous and are good at making you feel loved. :)

Thanks EVERYONE. You touched my heart. xoxo

The blurriest picture of the most beautiful group of girlfriends in the world (I hope someone got a better pic of this than I did! And also, remind me to NEVER stand like this for pictures again. Yikes!):

And some [also blurry] close-ups that I got!

My girlfriend, Daniella, who is 4 days ahead of me and also carrying a baby boy!
My girlfriends Sarah and Lauren- Lauren is my same-name friend whom I love dearly and Sarah is due in a week and a half. [I love her dearly as well!] I can only hope to look this good when I'm at week 38.


  1. Posing the right way when you're pregnant is for the birds...and supermodels. But I think we kind of rocked it in the one of us together. Seriously, that was an one of the best showers I've ever gone to. Not over the top or awkward in any way. The games and prizes were so fun!

  2. Daniella, I agree!!! There is just no way, as a preggo, that you can feel like 99% of taken pictures are flattering! I think that's why I can't find any pictures, other than the weekly belly pic, to see of me when I was preggo with Roman!

    I'm so glad you liked the shower- I agree. It was perfect. The girls did a wonderful job...even down to the chips and humus in my favorite kinds. So thoughtful. So, so glad you came. :) Thanks.