Friday, November 4, 2011

a ridiculous evening of laughter

So I discovered one of the most entertaining, laughter-filled ways to spend an evening at home with Jerr: make and decorate gingerbread men and women. Okay, the making wasn't so entertaining. But the decorating? I married a ridiculous man. I laughed and I laughed HARD.

Enjoy :)

This was my woman-

The rest are Jerry's creations. I decorated more people but they were too boring and after seeing several of Jerry's men and women I declared him "Permanent Gingerbread People Icer" and I just watched, laughed, and took pictures.

Here is Michael Jackson with his white glove (and a tie?)-

This is Michael Vick, Eagles #7-

This is.....a guy with a mustache, a tie, and a very unfortunate schnoz-

The AC/DC guy who is "disgruntled," says Jerry-

Chandler, from FRIENDS, with his third nipple. And a belt, I guess-

The entire cast, round 1 (more were cooling).
Notice the pregnant woman with the Amish hair at the bottom- apparently that was his loving shout-out to me...isn't that touching?


Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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