Thursday, November 17, 2011

if it were fall here....

....these are some things I'd be wearing. (All pictures are of one of my favorite bloggers, Saucy Glossie- she's a stylist for TJMaxx and I love a lot of her outfits. Or at least certain elements to most. Even though we don't share climate or budgets, she inspires me.)

I love the pops of color in her shoes and purse here:

The suede leggings (from h&m, for those of you around them!!!) are totally unexpected, and I definitely have Marc Jacobs boots in black just like these:

If this poncho weren't $195 I'd buy it now and save it for next year when we move back to cold weather. IN LOVE.

Again, with the pop of color. These pants are gorg.

I have a hat like this (but even better!) and the only thing keeping me from having thigh-high boots is the fact that I'd die of heat here in HI. But this is the way I'd wear them- with colored tights and shorts, or a short tunic. Keeps it a little less scandalous. And while I'd look for a different top, the fit would stay the same. So pretty.

Turns out I am influenced by/in love with the 70's style more than I originally thought...and I thought I was pretty in love with it before!

Ah, I miss you. I have very little difficulty feeling content in the tropics during spring and especially summer. It's actually cooler in the summer here than in PA! But during the fall and winter I get pretty majorly bummed out. This is the last winter I'll miss, and only one more fall...I can do this!

Until then, I will continue wearing the appropriate attire for 86 degree days and 73 degree nights. (Daniella, I told you I was going to use your shirt styling as inspiration. This is why preggos need stylish preggo friends!)


  1. I love this post! 70s are awesome. And you look so good!

  2. You look adorable! I love the floral belly peeking out perfectly like that :-) Man, what I would do to have those Marc Jacobs brown booties. Gorg. We've got one more Fall and Winter here after this one, then off to wherever the Lord wills. I'm praying it's not the desert because I need me some cold, brisk, fresh air!!! With a fireplace, please.

  3. Thanks, girls! Daniella, tell me about it...I just wish I got to wear them here. I hope you're off to somewhere non-desert. I understand needing cold, brisk air. And a fireplace is on the top of my list when we start looking at houses in a year. BRING. IT. ON.