Wednesday, November 16, 2011

holy shopping success, batman!!!

This year, for the first time EVER, I am hosting Thanksgiving!!!! There will be a total of six of us, plus Roman. I feel like it's a rite of passage and I have been reading recipes and articles and watching show after show to prepare me for the day. I have chosen my menu, purchased all groceries, and will have created my minute-by-minute schedule in the next day or two. I am even making doubles of all recipes so everyone can take home a huge plate of leftovers. Because that's the best part of Thanksgiving and it's not fair for the other two couples joining us have to miss out on the yumminess because of their willingness to spend their holiday with us Beckers.

And then today I realized that part of hosting Thanksgiving was having a beautiful table for people to eat at. I had nothing.

So, I headed to Goodwill with Megan and Rachel. I think I've been into a Goodwill store maybe twice in my life before today, and even though my friend Michelle raves about her finds, and Megan is a practiced believer in its greatness, I was intimidated by the required search to find the "treasure" among the "trash."

Today, though, I had the necessary motivation- I needed greatness for cheapness. And oh, the treasure I found!!!!! Make that treasures- plural. Not to mention Wednesdays are military appreciation days and I got an additional 20% off with my military ID. Score.

So, the grand list: 8 white dinner plates with 7 matching dessert plates (that I am completely smitten with and debating using them year-round because I'm so in love), a 14-piece glass punch bowl set that was still sealed in the original packaging (aka "never been used"), 8 brown ceramic chargers, 3 crystal candlesticks, and 8 orange cloth napkins. Not to mention a bag of Matchbox cars for Roman, a bag of various-sized balls, and a ball popper toy.

Oh, and all for $53.44!!!!! Unreal. I am now a Goodwill believer. Sign me up.

The glass punch bowl with lad2 of the 12 cups:

My dinner and dessert plates with chargers and one of the three candlesticks:

A close-up.

And to complete the table I went to Target where, for another (far less impressive) $40, I got a green tablecloth, 8 gold napkin rings, and orange tapered candlesticks to go in the holders:

Meaning my Thanksgiving table (plus punch bowl and Roman toys) to under $100. I'll show you the finished product next week.

I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

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