Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Almost didn't post the family picture where I look like the size of a small bus, shoulders up high and turned at a very unflattering angle to the camera....but it's the only family picture we have with all of us smiling and I decided it was more important to capture the family moment than to be vain. What a selfless, adult moment for me.

I'm excited to experience holidays through the upcoming years. As much fun as they were as a kid, they are even more fun as a parent as I watch it through their eyes and get to create traditions and experiences that they will look back on and fondly remember. While it was fun dressing a 3-month old last year, it was much more fun to dress a toddler. And I expect next year to be even more fun. I've been told that from about age 3 and up they start to really understand birthdays/Christmas/holidays and I am looking forward to that. Decorating Easter eggs, carving pumpkins, decorating the Christmas tree...it all sounds like so much fun to do with my own kids. What a cool experience this whole "parenting" thing is. :)

The award for "Coolest Moment of the Night" last night goes to candy-handing-outing. Roman watched me do it for a few kids and then he asked for candy to give out. So here is my 15-month old, standing by the candy bowl, grabbing a pack of candy to put in each kid's basket as they came up and said "trick or treat." He loved it because it was fun. I loved it because it made my Mommy heart proud to see him learning to give away candy that he knew was yummy, and the kids loved it because it was much more fun to receive candy from a dinosaur/dragon baby than from boring adults. I declare it a win all around. Totally didn't expect it but so glad it happened. :)

Happy Day-After-Halloween!

Mmmm, November. xoxo


  1. That is too sweet! And you don't look like a bus, you look gorgeous!

    Found you through Follow Fest, come check out my blog if you're interested! I'm hosting my first give-away!

    My Growing Obsessions

  2. @Sam, thanks for stopping by. :) I'll be by to check out your blog. xoxo