Wednesday, November 30, 2011

good color, bad color

So I was in desperate need of shirts that covered my belly. We've talked about this. And I finally caved and bought four shirts at Target- two tees and two long-sleeved tees. The problem is this: I found a brown long-sleeved shirt in a color that I adored but looked really horrible against my skin color. And even though it's not usually a color that conjures pleasant thoughts, but instead looks something akin to the result of eating Mexican food, I thought to myself, "I just love it too much, I'm getting it anyway."

But I wondered: have you had ever been in a similar position?

Have you ever had a shirt in a color that made you look like you were dying from the plague instead of making your eyes pop and putting color in your cheeks?

Okay, look, if that's going on in your closet right now there is an easy fix. Just put another color closer to your face.

Like this:
Shirt: Target, Necklace: Anthropologie

Just get a necklace, scarf, or cardigan to wear next to your face that keeps the "bad color" from having it's less-than-flattering effects on your complexion and enjoy wearing it!

Yes, there are colors out there to flatter your specific skin tone and hair/eye color. If that's a new concept to you I'd encourage you to check it out. Google has a ton of websites you can go to that talk about it. For me, the "good guys" are jewel tones and pastels plus pure white (versus off-white) and black. And I try to be vigilant about that when buying clothes if it's a shirt I couldn't easily pair with a big pop of color next to my face. If it's just not the most flattering color next to my face, I put it down- and have therefore surrendered some really great pieces. Especially sale tops/dresses, since most of the more popular colors sell quickly and leave the yellowy-lime greens for those of us who shouldn't be wearing them! But if you run across a color that you love so much that you can't put it down, and it's able to let another color be the go-between (like my simple, scoop neck tee), then color rules be damned and carry on, my friend! Carry on.


Oh, and for those wishing for a little belly action, this little piece of eye candy right here is for you: ;)

34 weeks on Friday, baby!


  1. I love that your necklace matches your phone case ;)

  2. Ha! It totally does!! Maybe i like that color more than I realize...

  3. You look amazing! Loving Liams bump. I saw those Thanksgiving pics of Roman. He is getting so grown up!

  4. Thanks Jamie- I'm trying hard! :) now its time to get really big, though. Ugh. Eye on the prize!!! Haha And yeah, Roman seems so big to me these days and sure it will be even more noticeable when we bring a newborn home. Eva is getting so big too!!! She is a BEAUTIUL girl :)