Monday, November 7, 2011

did i or didn't i?

In my earlier post about Christmas stockings, you read about my want of personalized stockings for each of us this year. I thought I had decided against it but then a girlfriend posted a link on my facebook wall for stockings that were on sale. So I looked at them and decided it was still a no. I didn't think this was the year to spend $120 on stockings for the family. And then I totaled up the Christmas budget that I finally finished writing. And realized we already had that much saved up. So our Christmas budget was happy and healthy. And I had money left over.

And then I saw these stockings on etsy. Oh, and they were only $10 each.
You can see/buy them here.

So we ordered four. Because $120 may be a little hard to justify, but $40 is absolutely doable. And if I decide that they aren't our style in a few years, it won't hurt to replace them because we won't have invested much in them.


  1. Thanks! I think they're cute, too! Obviously they could be even cuter if they cost more than $10 but I liked these more than most I was finding for $30/35 so here's hoping they're as cute in person. I have an idea on how to hang them on the wall behind the couch for Christmas since we don't have a mantel but I want to find a huge "joy" or some seasonal word to put above them- and I'll hang them on ribbon...we'll see. There could be yet a THIRD post involving Christmas stockings. lol It could be like the topic that won't die.

  2. Yes, I would love a third post!!! :) I love you!