Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Cards

So I did it! I found the one. You know- the perfect Christmas card to send to friends and family so they can see a family snap shot and feel like we don't really live 6,000 miles away. Before Roman was born I felt like sending a standard card with writing on the front was sufficient, but now I feel like we have to send one with a picture so that loved ones can look at his grinning mug from their fridge as they grab the creamer from their coffee in the morning.

And after spending hours online I decided that, in my professional (haha) opinion, Tiny Prints has the cutest cards out of any I scoped out during my hours-long search. So I thought I'd share in case you are spending hours looking for your own cards. :)

**spoiler alert-if you receive Christmas cards from us, you're going to see your card early by scrolling down!**

This is the card I'm ordering:
Cute, right?? I have never seen Christmas cards in the shape of a circle. And you know me and my affinity for anything unique. You can see the link to the card I chose here.

And if it isn't enough to have found a really awesome card to send to folks, Tiny Prints is offering bloggers a 50 free cards if you contact them and are willing to talk about it on your blog. Sweet deal, right?

And they not only have circle cards, they have the standard rectangle in some pretty cool designs. If you're interested in checking out the other cards they offer for the holidays, click on their link here. And happy Christmas card shopping to you all!

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