Wednesday, November 16, 2011

alright peeps, weigh in!

I swear to you, come January this picture is me...aside from the Asian heritage.

Usually on this blog, I just write my thoughts and it's a one-sided conversation. Mostly because I find that a two-sided conversation is a little awkward when you can't hear the second side, but also because it's weird for me to acknowledge that there are people reading this. But blog readers, I need help. Please- post those comments and leave me your thoughts because I have not had a good, quality, catch-up phone call with a single girlfriend in weeks.

The problem: I'm finding I have a hard time knowing when to talk on the phone!

I avoid answering calls when Roman is awake because he doesn't yet understand that he can't talk to me when I'm talking to an invisible person in my ear- and I get REALLY frustrated trying to have a conversation where he makes me re-start the same thought five different times. I'm pregnant and can't remember what I was saying WITHOUT that added distraction. But during his nap times I've been extra tired, thank you third trimester, and have been using it to nap and have alone time because I am needing that big time right now. And then once Jerry is home to watch Roman I feel guilty chatting with girlfriends "for fun" because I'm missing out on family time. I think I need to get over that, but Jerr already watches Roman almost every afternoon for me to teach some piano lessons plus weekends when I have been doing Scentsy parties almost every Saturday. I literally DON'T KNOW when to answer or call for a fun chat. Lately, the phone has been used to do whatever tasks need accomplished or question needs answered and nothing else. It sucks.

So advice on when to talk on the phone would be helpful! lol Where is my window and how can I have time to chat? My girl-talk-time is severely lacking.


  1. now i'm by far no expert seeing as i have zero children... but... i have a loud mouth boxer who loves to talk while i'm talking... so i vote you just have to make the call. i think roman will figure it out if you just put your finger to your lips and say shhh mommy's talking. i think he'll get it eventually. and i wouldn't feel bad about taking a call when you're supposed to be having family time... because you ultimately both need "you" time. {you have a full time job being a mommy, just like he's at work all day as well} just some thoughts, i give you props for balancing everything :)

  2. @ashley, you're right. I love your reasoning that phone time equals "me time"... because that ultimately benefits us as a family. You made me think. Thanks! :)

  3. Maybe set Roman up with crayons or in the backyard with Sophie for 10 or 20 minute intervals so he is happy and you don't need to be entertaining him. I say in the 3rd trimester, try to do whatever makes you the happiest during your me time whether that is napping, chatting with girlfriends, painting your fingers (since you probably can't reach your toes anymore), sharing a cup of coffee with Jerry or whatever. Your body is in overtime between carrying a full blown baby (who could live safely outside of you already!!) and being full-time caretaker of Roman and Jerr and Sophie and Kittie (zalderbar or whatever its name is- I forget). You are doing a great job. Finding the balance is always hard.

  4. Oh tell me when you figure it out!! Also, add in the 5-6 hour time difference which shrinks the window of opportunity by at least 50%. LOL.

    I was JUST telling Wendi how badly I want to talk to you and how I can't seem to return any phone calls to anyone lately, even those not battling 5 time zones.

    I love you and I'll still be here when our "schedules clear up." (Pipe dream? Maybe.)

  5. Jamie, Roman doesn't care about drawing yet- though I try several times a week to see if he might be NOW- and we have no backyard in this new house :( So sad, right? And he plays independently every morning for an hour- and has had to since he was a tiny guy- and again in the afternoon while I teach lessons. But because of that, I feel guilty making him have alone time more often during the day. I'm sure this will change when we add Liam and Roman is forced into more alone time. That's good, though. Thanks for the encouragement- you're right, finding the balance is super hard!! Any other ideas on activities Roman might enjoy?

    Chelle, HA! Will do. :) And the time difference between us DEFINITELY shrinks that window. I hate it. Yet another reason this last year needs to go by quickly. I miss having more than 5 hours to my day when I can talk to anyone in life!

    SO glad we got to talk this morning. It was good. :)