Tuesday, November 22, 2011

6 reasons I need to win the lottery....

Reason #1:
With a comfy pair of worn-in skinny jeans, tank, button-up flannel shirt, and a great necklace. The "day after the big holiday" outfit.

Reason #2:
For wearing around town in cute fedora, jean shorts, boyfriend cardigan with the sleeves rolled up, and asymmetrical-hem shirt, accessorized with massive bracelets everywhere.

Reason #3:
For the Christmas party as the perfect addition to a black sequined tunic and simple diamond earrings.

Reason #4:
With a just-above-the-knee floral dress, patterned tights, infinity scarf, and chunky knitted cardigan.

Reason #5
With...everything imaginable. Seriously.

Reason #6
With a pair of 70s-inspired wide leg jeans, barely grazing the floor, loose flowy blouse, and the perfect massive earrings. And bright red nails.

Oh Aldo....

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