Thursday, October 6, 2011

wanna know a secret?

I didn't wait for Christmas.


Okay, now that you've judged me let me explain! Here's what we decided- Liam is due January 13th. That's two weeks after Christmas. So if I waited until Christmas day to "open" the duvet/pillows, I would have a brief two weeks to savor the glory that is new fabrics. That's okay but not nearly as long as I could enjoy it than if we put it on now and I have months to soak it all in. Soooooo, after some convincing (I'm serious! It took convincing- I think Jerr wanted the change as much as I did), I agreed that maybe now would be more fun.

LOVING this. Same colors that were in the room before, and then some. Everything that was in the room with the old comforter still works with the new one but now it's so rich and textured and lovely that I smile a happy smile each time I walk into my bedroom.

And let's face it, a bedroom that makes you smile makes for a good day.

...and night? ;)


  1. Good for you!! :) it looks lovely! As do you!

  2. Well, I forgot to tell you this a while back but fabrics are the standard present for a 4 year anniversary. You should call that your 4 year anniversary present and then you are all clear for Christmas. Just a thought.

  3. Jamie, REEEEEEEEEEEALLY!?!? Hmm...this is something to consider. You better believe Jerry is hearing about this! :)