Monday, October 10, 2011

pretty dang excited about this "how to"

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Make that dang stinkin' excited about this "how to!" For this post, it requires more pictures than words. Allow me to walk you through the process of getting dressed and deciding upon an outfit. Come into my brain/closet/bathroom and see what I do to get from the basic bones of an outfit to the "finished product" that I'm happy with.

Today I walked into my closet and decided that I wanted to wear my black/white striped skirt. That's it. So the goal was to figure out how to wear it.

I chose my army green one because I like how wide and square it makes my shoulders look, plus I was feeling the detailing around the side neck/shoulder. I had first looked at a flesh-colored button up shirt but decided against it because it was too hot today AND I just wasn't really in the mood. So here is where we begin:

skirt:Target, shirt:Target maternity

Works pretty well but without accessories I feel naked. Oh, and my hair isn't done yet either. See, I'm taking you on the journey. And when I'm getting dressed, I do my hair last (make-up first!) because the way I wear my hair depends on the outfit, the feel of it, and the selected accessories. At this point, I didn't know what my hair would look like at the end.

First I tried a green scarf-

It looks okay and I could have been happy wearing this (with some big silver earrings and a few bangles for each arm) but since I was liking the details on the shirt and this blocked them, I decided to keep working....

Okay, so this isn't too bad either. It's safe because the color is already in my skirt, but it's high enough to add some interest without interfering with the details on the shirt. Again, I could have stopped here but I just didn't like it. It wasn't personal enough. Too safe. Not "Lauren."

What I needed at this point was a pop of color. So I looked at all of my necklaces to see what colors I had to choose from. I have a bright red necklace that would have worked because of the relationship between the colors green and red on the color wheel but it is too Christmas-y for me, personally. I had a few necklaces with greens in them, but since I had on a green top I didn't really want to add more, even if it was another shade of green and would still have added a pop of color. I chose turquoise because green and blue are beside each other on the color wheel and also go. And I liked the way these two shades played with each other. They go but certainly DON'T match. And that's how I roll. Holler.
So I love the pop of color. This makes me happy. But I don't think I really like the necklace with the shirt after all. The detailing on the shirt is too close to the necklace. I want to spread out the bling a little bit. So I go to earrings. And since I love this color blue, I had a few pairs of earrings to choose from. I went big. I always go big. :)
Oh. Yeah. This will do. Now let's fix this hair- it's gotta be styled up so that the earrings can pop and receive all the glory due to them.

End scene.


  1. I'm all about the unexpected pairing of turqoise and army green. It's what sets fashionistas apart! :-) Good choice with the earrings. That skirt is worth its weight in gold, if you ask me. Love it every time you post a pic of it. Black and white stripes scream Parisian chic!

  2. Thanks Jamie! :)
    Daniella, I LOVE THIS SKIRT TOO! The funny thing is, it's actually a dress. A tube dress. But I wear it as a skirt- sometimes long, sometimes I fold over the top and it goes to mid-knee, which is especially great now with the preggo belly. And then there's always a sexy date-night dress when I'm not so preggo! lol